Friday, April 12, 2013

thoughts from the first trimester :D!

4 weeks - Feb 6
I just knew I was pregnant even though when I tested
on the day I was "supposed" to be able to get
a postive, it was negative.... waited a few more
days and VOILA!

It is quite the feeling to stand there staring at a hunk of
plastic that's going to tell you whether or not your life is
about to be changed forever.

We got one line and then...
is that another one? But, it's so faint! How can we be sure?
Luckily I had a digital test waiting around as well and
with that test it was clear...
To say that we are ridiculously excited
 would be a huge understatement...

My estimated due date is October 15 -
We'll have our own sweet little pumpkin 
just in time for Halloween :D

Costume ideas, anyone?

Naturally, we were/still are a little nervous and anxious. I think every pregnancy brings it's fears. Because we've had two miscarriages, however, I feel like I am more nervous than ever! We are optimistic and praying for the best! Here's to a healthy pregnancy!

5 weeks

Still feeling great!
A little bit of nausea here and there, but that's about it!
I remember sort of wanting to feel nauseous because
that can indicate a "healthy" pregnancy.
We told our families and that were thrilled!
Finally Gage will have a cousin :)
 Fluctuating between
extreme happiness and crazy nervousness. Just wanting
our little bean to stick around :)

6 weeks

Now this was a dramatic week!
For various reasons I ended up in the ER in tears
because I was sure I was miscarrying again.
The scans and test were not conclusive
(they never are!).
But, I left feeling hopeful because on the
ultrasound there was a little fetal pole and yolk sac - 
which is more than I've ever seen with
the past 2 pregnancies.

7 weeks
My first appointment with my OB was rather uneventful.
We didn't learn anything new but I did get labs
ordered and done.

Scheduled another ultrasound so we could make sure our baby was
growing ok - especially because of the threatened miscarriage.
I started feeling seriously nauseated and finally
broke down and got a prescription for Zofran.
Working as a nurse is unbearable when you're nauseated!

Sweet Brian went to the store and bought me one of about every kind of
cracker they carry! Lifesaver :)
8 weeks


good news!

Our little bean had a heartbeat of 130. It was the most beautiful sound I've ever heard.

I might have most definitely teared up.

There's a real, live baby in there! Measuring right on schedule :).

Totally worth almost peeing all over the exam table. This may be tmi, but
I had to go sooo bad... they tell you to come with a full bladder,
which I did. What they didn't tell me is
that they would be running 45 minutes late!
9 weeks

Craving Sonic Strawberry Limeades all the time.
And hamburgers.
And mac & cheese.
And chocolate.

10 weeks

Bought some baby clothes because I just couldn't resist!
So bloated - looks like I could be 5 months along by the time I go to bed!
(suck it in)

Told our close friends :)

Since we don't know the gender.... had to prepare for both!
11 weeks

Signed up for the NuMom2B study and as a result I get extra ultrasounds!
This was probably my favorite moment so far...
Watching our little pumpkin bounce around in my uterus.
He/she looked like a real baby!

Heartrate: 165

Also participating in a sleep study... surprisingly enough I slept great
even with all that gear on (Another testament to my fatigue I guess!).

sexy... right? Brian said it was like snuggling with Darth Vader.
12 weeks

Surviving pregnancy by:
Napping as much as possible
Delicious food (strawberry limeades!!)
Doing my prenatal workout DVDs... and feeling wimpy because the
ladies on them are like 8 months pregnant and I can barely keep up!
Drinking insane amounts of water... and consequently getting up every night to pee.
Looking at my ultrasound pictures every day.
Did I mention napping?
Lying in bed at night with Brian while we share our hopes and dreams for our little one :)

13 weeks

Announced our pregnancy to the facebook world!
Thanks for all the congratulations :)

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