Tuesday, October 6, 2015

welcome to the world sweet Emry!!

 Three weeks ago we welcomed a sweet new baby into our family! Before the details fade, I figure I should write down the experience of getting her here - because it was quite the experience.

My pregnancy was really great! It was pretty similar to my pregnancy with Myla with a little bit of extra morning sickness thrown into the first trimester and hip pain in the second. By the third trimester though I was feeling good and we were excitedly anticipating our baby girl's arrival!

I feel like second baby pregnancies are tricky - You kind of expect the same exact story to play out as your first because that's all you know! That's how I felt about delivery. I figured I'd just waltz into my 38 week appointment, be dilated to a 5+, and be sent to the hospital where they would break my water, give me an epidural, and she would be born shortly after. Our baby had other plans.

It was a rainy Sunday night and Brian and I went for a walk in the rain around our apartment complex after putting Myla to bed. We joked about walking the baby out and about how storms make ladies go into labor. I was having lots of Braxton Hicks, but I had been having those consistently since the second trimester. Nothing felt different. They lasted about 40 seconds and weren't painful at all. They ranged from about 10 minutes apart to 4 minutes apart without any real pattern. Anyway... we walked for a while and then came back and ate ice cream (an every-night pregnancy ritual it seems!). 

We got in bed for the night around 11:30 and after laying there for a few minutes I noticed that my Braxton Hicks contractions were a little bit different - just a teeny tiny bit painful - like a mild period cramp. I told Brian but he was already half asleep and told me to wake him up if I needed to. I layed there for just a few more minutes and timed the contractions. They were only 2 minutes apart but still not really painful at all - just a little uncomfortable. I decided that I would take a shower and see if they went away. As I was getting out of bed, Brian woke up (yes, it only takes him about 30 seconds to fall asleep). He wanted to text our friend Janet and let her know what was going on just in case we needed someone to come and watch Myla. I reluctantly agreed, but didn't really think I was in labor.

In the shower the contractions started to get a little more intense and were always about 2 minutes apart (or less!). I started to get a little bit nervous and Brian started to get a lot nervous/excited. He wanted to call Janet and have her come over right away. I told him no way! I didn't want her to come over and for it to be nothing! But then they suddenly started to hurt worse and I had to breathe through them. I hurried and finished up my shower and I had to go to the bathroom - and there was blood... I told him to call Janet. This was at 11:45. She is amazing and came over right away! By then I was starting to really not like the contractions and we rushed out the door (Brian grabbed all the wrong bags, ha!). I remember I couldn't find my shoes and I just moaned to Brian, "Shooooes! I need shoooooes!" while I was crouched on the ground by the door. Janet wished us luck and we were off!

The car ride was almost unbearable. Because the contractions were so dang close together I didn't really get a break! A contraction would last about a minute then I'd get a minute to recover and it would start all over again! I could barely stay in my seat. Brian went about 80 on the 40mph roads and I am SO grateful that it was close to midnight and there was no traffic. We wouldn't have made it to the hospital if there had been any. 

I felt like a crazy person (just like you see in the movies!) because I couldn't help but yell/scream/moan/want to die. I kept thinking about a youtube video I had watched recently of a woman who gave birth to a 10lb baby in her car on the way to the hospital while her husband filmed it. I was sure that was going to be me! Egads.

Brian literally peeled out at a few stop lights and we were making it there in record time (thank heavens). When we got on Thunderbird Rd about 2 miles I started feeling the need to push. I told Brian and he said, "No way! Don't you dare push!" I've decided that not pushing is possibly harder/more painful than pushing. When it's time, it's time.

We squealed into the roundabout and decided to just leave the car there (parking tickets could be dealt with - delivering a baby in the car could not). I waddled/staggered my way into triage with Brian holding me up (we didn't think to get a wheelchair). It literally felt like she was going to plop out right there on the hospital floor...

The triage nurse (who probably sees ladies saying they are about to have a baby any second all the time) didn't believe me that birth was imminent. She casually started going through the standard questions (Full name? Birthday? Weight before getting pregnant? Last known weight? How are your contractions? Are they really 2 minutes apart? For how long.... etc etc). I told her if she didn't get me into a bed I was going to have that baby right there. She sped things up a tad bit after that but still made me stand on the scale to get weighed (whyyyy??!). 

They put me on the bed and tried to find a nurse to check me (apparently their nurse was on a different floor). A substitute nurse came in and checked me - confirming what we already thought. "Ummm...She's complete!" Meaning, ready to push. Meaning, no epidural (sob)!

Sweet Brian started asking for an epidural for me from the moment we walked in. I guess at that point the nurse just looked at him and shook her head. 

They called upstairs and let them know we were coming and then started wheeling me up there on the bed. By wheeling, I mean running down the hall (Brian said a nurse flew off the back when they went around a tight corner, ha!). I remember really wanting to push again in the elevator and made that known to the poor nurses. Their reply? "Lay on your side and cross your legs!" I tried, but that's no easy task when your baby is right there.

We finally made it to the labor and delivery room about 12 minutes after arriving at the hospital. They kept telling me not to push and Brian kept asking for an epidural to which he was told, "She doesn't even have an IV!" Finally, a more seasoned nurse listened to me and said, "Fine, let's do this." The nurses were all scrambling around trying to set things up, the bed hadn't even been dropped. I held my own legs (Brian was in shock, I think) and puuuushed. SPLASHHHH! First push - My water exploded all over the nurses at the end of the table and sweet Emry's head came out. Second push - she was here! 15 minutes after driving up to the hospital. 

Tell you what, that "ring of fire" they tell you about is real! Ouchiewawa. I'm fortunate I only had to experience that for 2 pushes, that's for sure! The relief was HUGE after getting her out, but I was still in a lot of pain (Those afterbirth contractions are no joke!). They wiped her off a bit and asked if I wanted to hold her - I sure did! She looked just like Myla to me except with dark hair and a very squished nose (it was smooshed and crooked for a little while). She had the biggest prettiest eyes and was so calm snuggled up to me. Best feeling ever!

The closest doctor came in a few minutes after she was born and made sure I wasn't hemorrhaging or needing stitches and told me everything was great! The "real" on-call doctor came in about 30 minutes later just to check in. 

She was here safe and we were both healthy and great! 

I think I can safely say that was the craziest hour of my life.

In conclusion:

11:30 pm: First very very mild (but frequent) contractions started
11:35: Hopped in the shower
11:45: Called Janet to come over because contractions were getting more intense and still very close together.
11:50: Janet arrives and I get out of the shower and get dressed
11:55: Out the door!
12:08: Arrive at the hospital and leave car in the roundabout
12:20: Made it to L&D
12:23: Welcome to the world Emry!!

6 lbs 8 oz, 20 inches, 12:23 am on September 14th!

Now for lots of pictures (in no particular order because I am tired and don't feel like organizing them...)!!

We're home!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Myla at 15 months

Once upon a time I had a baby.

Now I have a toddler.

Her babyhood is just slipping away from me and I know I'm going to forget about all the little milestones if I don't write them down. She's growing up!

Dear Myla,

Hey cutie pie! I could probably read you this letter and you'd understand most of it because I swear you know way more than what you let on. You surprise me almost every day with something you know that I had no idea you had learned. You probably know French or something and you're just waiting for the right time to dish it out.

You are the best sleeper I've heard of and I know that makes me one spoiled mama. You go bed sometime between 8 and 9 and then sleep until about 8 or 9 and then play happily in your crib until I come and get you. Then it's all smiles and requests for your "baw-ul." You slurp down your milk like you haven't eaten anything in days and then run off for some adventures. You are down to one nap a day (about a month ago) and sleep for 3 hours sometimes! Usually just 2, but I'm not complaining.

You have SO many words! I counted a few weeks ago and you were up to 50... so who knows how many you know now. You are so good at saying "please" and "thank you," but I think your most used words are, "hi" and "more." You see some food you want... "more." You make lots of animal sounds and think that everything is "purple." ("What color is this?")

You make the hand motions for patty cake and get the biggest smile on your face whenever you "toss it in the air!"

You are helpful with putting on your clothes and LOVE to get your shoes on - especially because that usually means we are taking a trip outside. You would stay outside all day long if you could.

You play well with most kids and haven't learned the dreaded toddler words yet: No & mine

You finally have enough hair to put it in a pony on top and if I work really hard in pig tails at the bottom - it looks darling!

Your stranger danger is here but you warm up pretty fast - especially if they share snacks with you.

We had Christmas up in Show Low this year and you had a great time opening your presents, rewarding us with many exclamations of, "wow!!" You loved grandpa's piano and had so much fun with your aunt Annette.

Your favorite games are chase (still), peek-a-boo, a blanket chasing game that daddy plays with you, and anything with your tunnel.

Your favorite toys are your blocks, picnic basket with play food, and your "ride" - which is a little red jelly bean shaped toy with wheels that you sit on and we push you.

We just love you so much! Thanks for being our girl!

Love, mama

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Myla at 11 months

To my sweet girl,

This month is a hard one for me as your mama - it is the last time that you would be turning a month, not a year... does that make sense? I just feel like your baby-ness is slipping away!

You are a delight! Everyone comments on how smily and happy you are. You especially love wooing strangers with a huge grin until they smile or talk to you. You still have just 4 teeth, but it looks like more will be coming in soon on the bottom.

We've gone to the splash pad quite a few times this month and you just love it! How do I know that? Well, the last time we had just barely gotten out of the car and you spotted the splash pad and started laughing and trying to get over there as fast as you could. You have no fear when it comes to the water and you follow the "big" kids everywhere. You even had a couple of kids "adopt" you the other day (they came and informed me that they were the king and queen and you were their baby princess).

You are walking like a pro and getting faster every day. It seems like you were just taking your first reckless step and now you're everywhere! The second you fall on your bum you start looking for something to pull up on and get going again. You haven't really gotten into cupboards or drawers yet and I think it's because you just have so much fun walking around. It's what you do for the majority of the day. You also love carrying things around with you - clothes in particular, but you also like to carry around your dolly and stuffed animals (even if they are bigger than you are). It's pretty good balance if you ask me!

We discovered a new library this month and you really enjoy the play area and playing with the other kids. You are a social butterfly! No shy bones in that body of yours :).

Daddy wanted to take you to a McDonalds playplace for the first time and you liked it alright... I was happy to see that you do have a safety filter and wouldn't cross the netted tubes that your arms could fall through. Sometimes I worry that you have absolutely no fear, but you taught me that you do have some boundaries (thank goodness).

Your favorite toys are all your books. You just want us to read and read and read to you. You like to kiss the wolf in Little Red Riding hood and really enjoy lift-a-flap books. It's pretty much the only time you stay still.

You are talking more and more and are starting to mimic words that we say. Your favorite word is "ball" and you know what a ball is - whether it is a tiny golf ball or a big basketball, you say, "baaaaallll." You also are pretty consistent with mama, dada, and banana.

I was able to put your hair in a (very small) ponytail this month! Now THAT is a milestone, ha! You still don't have very much hair. It seems to be getting darker - I don't know if you really will end up a redhead!

We took a trip to California with the Fairbanks this month (including your boyfriend, Cohen). You did so great on the trip and really enjoyed the ocean... until you started eating sand and got in trouble for it. You took one big handful and I thought for sure you'd realize how gross it was and stop eating it... wrong. You kept shoveling it in any chance you got. It was in California that you really took off with your walking.

You're still taking 2 naps a day and sleeping about 12 hours at night. We love you baby girl!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Myla at 10 months

My oh my baby girl - 10 months!

Life with you is better than ever! You continually get more sweet, fun, smart, and mischievous. You scare me to death by the way you're not scared of anything... even though you're still unsteady on your feet, you like to let go of the furniture and determinedly walk as far as you can... You used to only do that if we were right there to catch you, but now I see you going for it when I'm across the room. Let's just say you're experiencing a lot more "bonks" lately.

You do enjoy pushing around your walker although you haven't figured out how to turn it. It doesn't bother you one bit when you get stuck, you just let go and walk/crawl away to something else. You still love chasing games and have started chasing us back. You've finally really warmed up to the pool and get so excited as soon as it's in sight. You don't mind being dunked underwater and really like to chew on goggles. You like to mimic what we do - especially "playing drums."

I used to be worried that you wouldn't be much of a talker, but you've certainly put that worry to rest - you babble all day long. Dad and I both think you know what "mamamaaaa" means now because you say it way more when you're around me. You also said "cookie" one morning while trying to get daddy out of bed. I'm sure you didn't know what it meant, but it was sure cute! I think your first official word is "ball." You said it quite a few times while we were playing with your ball and then again the next day when we were playing with it. Today you wouldn't say it, but I think that's just you doing what you want (or don't want!).

We took another road trip up to Show Low this month and you did great. I expected no less after your angelic performance on our 2 week road trip, but it was still a relief! You had so much fun playing with cousins while dad and I helped paint gma and gpa's house. Your great grandpa Buzz has a slip n' slide at his house and we had so much fun with that (you included!). You had some stranger danger back at the family reunion, but that seems to be all gone now. You love to be social and will smile at anyone! You even said "hey!" to an old man in the store after he said hi to you.

You are starting to snuggle more when you're tired and you sleep with a blanket and your zebra snuggle blanket. We find you in the most uncomfortable looking positions, but you're sleeping so well! Every night before dad and I go to sleep, we sneak into your room to kiss you goodnight. We always find ourselves just standing there and marveling over how peaceful and sweet you look while you're dreaming. It's hard to believe that an energetic baby girl like you can be so still.

You eat anything and everything. We joke that you're going to be a body builder because your favorite foods are all loaded with protein... chicken, eggs, and cheese. You also love love applesauce. You can down one of those squeezy applesauce tubes in practically 5 swallows (ok, I'm exaggerating a bit - but just a bit!). Your top left tooth came in this month so you are having no problems eating all that chewy food!

You were babysat by a YW in the ward for the first time while dad and I went dancing and you were an angel for her. I think your favorite person - other than us of course - is Janet. You have the biggest grin on your face whenever she's talking to you and you like to give her unsolicited kisses. I have yet to get one of those, so I'm pretty jealous. I have to request them special by saying , "kiss? kiss? kiss?" Then, only if you feel like it, you lay a very slobbery open-mouthed kiss on me.

Your favorite toys are your books. I think we could read them all day long and you'd be happy. You also like to dance when dad or I sing or when you hear music from your toys or something else. You used to really shake your booty, but now you prefer to dance with a more sophisticated sway. I hope you start doing a combination!

We love you Myla bean!

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