Monday, September 12, 2011

the untold stories of memory foam (disturbing content)

So... Brian and I were perusing Bed, Bath, and Beyond's selection of memory foam mattress toppers when we came across some rather interesting reviews. I'm not posting any of this to harp on memory foam pads - we are still planning on getting one, we just thought the reviews for some of them were hilarious! Very descriptive to say the least!

Enjoy :)
"I purchased this mattress topper as a display model, thinking that any smell it would have had should have dissipated. But no, I could not spend more than one night on this thing without the obnoxious smell overtaking me! It was terrible! And what's worse, it has been two weeks since I returned it and I STILL can't get the smell out of my bed (and it was only on my bed for one day). Immediately after removing the mattress topper, I tried scrubbing my bed with a hot water and Tide solution, I've blown fans on my bed all day and even tried flipping the bed over but STILL, that obnoxious smell remains. I'm so upset with this purchase, I think BB&B owes me a new bed! I just can't believe they can sell a mattress topper that will impregnate your bed with such an awful smell -- it really is bad (it smells kind of like those red rubber balls you played dodge ball with in school). And the worst thing about it is that even after you return it, YOUR BED WILL STILL STINK! I will NEVER buy a Therapedic Mattress Topper EVER AGAIN!!! (and I'll probably have to burn my bed...)" 
"My back is killing me, the indentations don't go away! This memory foam remembers my shape all too well, it does not recover." 
"I have no idea why this product is permitted on the market much less why BB&B chose to sell it in their stores."
"My husband and I were excited to get some real rest with this topper, but I woke up the next day with stiff legs, a sore back and a pain in my neck. I decided to give this topper a week in our home before returning it. I can't. I'm taking it back tomorrow. I tossed and turned all night, and at one point woke up from a dream that I'd taken the topper off of the mattress! It's stiff, and it does not form to my body like it should. (I'm a petite person). I would NOT recommend this."

So there you have it. Needless to say, Brian and I will not be purchasing any of those mattresses :)


  1. My grandma has one on her bed that is like heaven. I think it might just depend on the brand that you buy. It is the same thing with Sleep Number mattresses. We went to a hotel and slept on one and I thought I was going to die we had to switch rooms first thing in the morning because it was so bad and we were gonna be there for a week... But my parents have one and once again... heaven. We went to a store to ask what the discrepancy was, and they said that hotels buy a knock off of the actually Sleep Number and tell you that it is the real thing. I was glad I checked because I had always wanted one but was a little scared after that. Just try out someone's who likes it and see where they got it and what brand it is.

  2. Thanks for the advice! Yeah, we aren't going to avoid all memory foam, just the particular brands those people were referring to :)

  3. Rachael! You have inspired me to check product reviews more frequently. Thanks! Also, I'm loving the new design!


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