Monday, September 12, 2011

this and that

Just going through my photos from last month and found some good memories!

Please excuse the lack of makeup in the following photos...

Brian asked if he could get me a bowl of cereal. I said yes of course and came into the kitchen only to find that he had poured cereal into the biggest bowl that we own! 

...and he provided me with chopsticks and a straw to eat it with - he is so funny!

Later that day we put on some Latin American jerseys (Mexico and Guatemala) and headed of to the Latin American Festival! Favorite part? Singing along to the Mariachi music of course. You don't have to really know all the words - just sing really loud and say "ay yi yi!" a lot.

Favorite food in the world: Pizookie. PIZZA+COOKIE... + ice-cream :) We got these awesome little skillets for our wedding and have used them TONS of times. If you would like to have one, let us know because we are always game!

For my "Public Health" class we had to send our teacher a picture of an area that Public Health nurses can help. So, I asked Brian nicely if he would lay on the pavement with my bike on top of him.

seeeeee - no helmet! That is what public health nurses can help :)


  1. That must have been slow cereal eating! Have a great day!

    Love you,

  2. I like your little skillet. When my husband and I were registering for our wedding, I saw the little bitty-est frying pan I had ever seen and I thought it was adorable so I registered for it just for the heck of it. And my friends parents got it for us, and I couldn't figure out what to do with it. But then I realized that it is the PERFECT size to fry eggs to go on ham egg and cheese bagels. We use it all the time now. Wish I had 2 or 3 of them when we have guests over. :) Love those little gems that you find in life. :)


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