Wednesday, March 21, 2012

introducing my husband, the drunk driver :)

Friday night we were coming back from a friend's wedding reception (congratulations, Rachel & Ryan!) and Brian was driving. We were just pulling onto 300 South from 900 East and suddenly there were flashing lights behind us.... dun dun dunnnnnnn.

Brian pulled over and the popo man came to the window with his flashlight looking very suspicious. He checked out the back seat and the front seat and appeared to be looking for something. What was that something? Alcohol!

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"

"No officer! I'm very confused - I was definitely going the speed limit!"

"Well, you have a taillight out, you were slow off of the light, and I believe you have a headlight out too. This is very typical of driving while intoxicated."

"Oh no, officer! I'm not drunk!"

Then I chimed in from the passenger seat... "Make him walk the line! Walk the line!" (Brian didn't appreciate that)

"I think I'll let you guys go.... But, why do you have a driver's license from Arizona, license plates from New Mexico, and you're driving in Utah?"

"Newlywed students."

"I see. Have a good night and get your lights fixed!"

Phew. I must say that I find it very amusing that my husband was pulled over for drunk driving. Only in Provo I guess. I think Brian would be the last person I'd ever expect to get a DWI.

Other news...

I did my first night shift and boy was it weird. Brian was kind enough to make a cave for me in our bedroom by putting a few blankets over the window to make it completely dark. I tried to sleep the day before, but it is tricky. My body thinks it's time to go out and do things but my brain is telling it to go to sleep during perfectly beautiful daylight hours. Consequently, even though I gave myself time for a 4 hour nap prior to going in for my night shift, I woke up every hour. Hopefully I'll be able to get a hang of this whole sleeping during the day dealio. If anyone has tips, let me know! 

I am working a three-in-a-row night shift stretch this weekend. Seeing as it may kill me, this might be my last blog post.

Night shift humor


  1. I just love your stories!! And you guys! And good luck with the rest of the night shifts... I have no real wisdom to offer except to say that apples are supposed do a better job than coffee... good luck!

  2. Switching to nights is really hard! Try taking a melatonin an hour before you go to sleep. It'll help you switch to your new sleep schedule without making you groggy. My doctor recommended it when I switched to working nights. And it's safe to take it each time you switch. Also, from my doctor, if you really can't sleep and need to, allergy pills are okay to take, even if you need them every day. Just make sure you have 8 hours to sleep it off! Good luck! Have snacks available to help keep you awake during the night :) Popcorn works great for that. You can snack on it a lot but it's not super fatty or high in calories.

    1. Thanks Allie - I am going to have to try some of those things for sure - I had no idea that you worked nights!

  3. Umm, I laughed so hard at your story of getting pulled over! That is awesome. I love that you begged the popo to make him walk the line!! That is something I would've done too. Poor guy:)

  4. Such experiences are funny if the driver is clean but imagine Brian driving under the influence and being stopped:))
    I have a friend that was stopped but luckily the cop accused him of careless driving Toronto instead of DUI even if he had two beers:)
    I told him I would have suspended his license forever because drunk drivers are dangerous and put others lives in danger and I can't accept that.....

    1. Amen to that! I can't stand it when people think it's ok to endanger everyone around them and drive under the influence!


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