Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Birthday! (lots of photos...)

Some say that the older you get, the less excited you get about your birthday. 


Or, at least not around here. A birthday is a good reason to celebrate, see good friends, eat delicious food, and... get spoiled a little bit :).

Because I have managed to survive 25 years (truly miraculous when you consider I've been in Utah for the last 5 years or so around all of these crazy drivers...)... Brian decided that he wanted to celebrate the fact that I am now a quarter of a century old. So... he woke me up with this GIGANTIC pile of chocolate chocolate-chip pancakes cut into "quarter" pieces. Yum!

Please ignore the hair doo... I just woke up!

I found a pile of quarters in my car. I was informed that these are to be used on the vending machines at grocery stores so I can buy tattoos to my heart's content!

Later I was sent to the tennis courts ("quarts"), where we play tennis and had to find a little present he left for me there. After I got to plop down on a blanket and read a good book. I am definitely enjoying the extra time I've had to read some books that I actually want to read for a change... and I am absolutely in love with the weather lately. Sunshine!! (Sorry, no picture of the courts, just some of my favorite shoes!)

Next I came home to a quart of ice-cream! Ohhh how I love icecream.

We had a fun party that night and finally busted the piñata we've been hoarding for over a year. It was time for him to go...

Yes, that is definitely a frying pan...

Inspired by one of the best movies ever!

We also had the option of using one of Brian's old crutches or a broomstick.

Hannah finally killed it!

Brian made me the coolest cake! I found it on Pinterest a while ago and told him I wanted it for my birthday. I couldn't believe he remembered!

Check out the colors! It's a rainbow cake!

Lots of things happened last year... got married, graduated, got a job... we'll see what age 25 brings!


  1. Haha! I love the last picture with Ryan stuffing his face with the delicious cake!!! Priceless! :D Happy Birthday cute girl! You deserved a good one!!

  2. Those pancakes and cake look delicious! Wish I could've been there for your birthday fiesta.

    Love you,


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