Wednesday, August 31, 2011


That's right, I am a fake graduate. I walked even though I still have school until December! At BYU they do not hold graduation in December, so our choice was either to walk early this August or walk late after we graduate next April. So, we decided to do it early and get it all over with :). It was fun! My parents came out for the occasion (as always I was thrilled to see them!), Brian got off work, and we all celebrated my fake graduation together! I am excited to be a real graduate in a few months... but then I'll have to actually grow up and get a real job. At least I'll finally get paid for the work I do in the hospitals! 

I am super excited for my time in the NICU next semester. I talked with my preceptor and she seems really awesome. She told me that her favorite thing about being a nurse is teaching new nurses and students.... that is a relief to hear! So many times I feel like a burden when I go to clinicals because we have to follow our nurses around everywhere and some of them just do not appreciate that! But, it sounds like my preceptor is going to be awesome! Yeah for NICU!

aren't those flowers BEAUTIFUL! He does a good job :) I love him!

I had a hard time with the hat all day... it just didn't want to stay on!

my wonderful parents! Love!

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When we walked across the stage they put a big picture of us up on the screen and our favorite quote. My favorite quote of the day was "The only true gift is a portion of yourself" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

it was SO HOT outside! I was happy to play in the stream!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Testimony Tuesday #3

For my third post... 3 things about the Gospel that really bring me peace.

#1. Families can be ETERNAL. That's right, I get to hang on to those I love FOREVER as we strive to live worthy of living with God.
#2. God knows me and loves me. I'm not just an ordinary person. I'm a daughter of God. He cares about me and shows me He cares through answering my prayers and helping me through my trials. He sent Jesus Christ to the Earth to atone for my mistakes and provide a way for me to change and be better.
#3. God still speaks to man today. After Christ died, God didn't stop calling prophets. He still loves us and still gives us direction. Through a modern-day prophet, we learn God's will and how we can be happier, more fulfilled, and growing closer to Jesus Christ!

Ok, numero tres! Quiero hablarles sobre tres coas que me traen paz en el evangelio... :)
Lo siento por la grammatica... sé que todavia hago muchos errores... hace mucho tiempo que hablaba español diariamente!.

#1. Las familias pueden ser eternas! En serio, podemos estar con nuestros familiares por toda la eternidad mientras tratamos de vivir dignos del reino de Dios.
#2. Dios me conce y me ama. Soy unica y especial. Soy una hija de Dios. El me cuida y me muestra que me quiere por medio de oraciones contestadas y ayuda cuando tengo pruebas. Dios envió a su hijo, Jesucristo a la tierra para expiar mis pecados y dar mi la oportunidad de cambiarme y hacerme mejor con Su ayuda.
#3. Por medio de profetas vivientes, Dios habla al mundo.  Después del muerte de Cristo, Dios no paró de llamar profetas. Todavia El nos ama y nos da dirección. Por medio de profeta actual, aprendemos la voluntad de Dios y como podemos lograr felicidad y estar mas cerca de Jesucristo!

Monday, August 29, 2011

(Lots of) Pictures from our Mexican Cruise!

Brian's first experience with sushi! 
mom and dad at the arcade in the middle of the pacific!

dance dance revolution anyone?

formal night with my love!

dancing to the live music! 
The crew - I think this is everyone who came! 23 people?

Nielsen Crew

After a ride on army buses through the jungle (pics later on), we rode mules up the mountain to begin our zip-lining adventure in Peurto Vallarta!

oh, and a little hike

wahooooo! flying over the treetops!

and Brian!

we also rappelled down a waterfall!

Brian asked them if he could run into the waterfall... they said yes.

the adventure crew!

at the end of the adventure we had a race... can you tell who is winning?

the ship had 11 floors... and we frequently went up stairs.

a guy did an ice-sculpture in less than 10 minutes!

Brian decided to only shave half his face

so... I accidentally ripped off his head!

this was before our kayaking/snorkeling adventure!

Cabo San Lucas!

riding horses on the beach (well, we're on the way to the beach in this photo)

the horses look so short in these pictures! Must be the angle, because they were NOT short!

mine's name was Tequila



Dan! His horse decided to lay down while he was riding it.... luckily he escaped without any squished limbs!

he did get pretty sandy though...

so fun to vacation with people you love!

they had these weird statues everywhere on the ship...

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