Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Testimony Tuesday #2

Time for a testimony about family time. I got to have a whole lot of family time on the cruise last week with my mom's side of the family and it was so great! I also like having my personal family time... like in FHE. I love Family Home Evening! Even though my family is very small.... 2 people to be exact (Brian & me)... we can still have a great family night, laugh, learn, and have fun together. Last night we had a great lesson about how we want to become more like Christ together (from Preach My Gospel chapt. 6) and develop his attributes. We talked a lot about where we are in our personal development and where we want to be. We went on a bike ride, ate delicious cantelope w/ ice-cream, and danced around to Mexican music! I love family. I love Brian. I'm going to bed - but I'll post about the cruise and the upcoming semester soon!

After an extreme canopy (rappelling, zip-lining, mule-riding, waterfall jumping) adventure in Puerto Vallarta!

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