Tuesday, May 21, 2013

19 weeks and belly photo!

Sorry for the lack of updates - but I have a pretty good excuse - I'm growing a human being!

19 weeks and counting - almost to the big 2-0.... halfway!

Symptoms: The nausea is gone except when I work night shifts or eat too much or eat too little... but I have't taken a Zofran in weeks and I feel so, so grateful for that. I know some people are sick right up until they deliver. Yikes. I am still tired, but not exhausted like I was before. My newest friends are leg cramps, dizzy spells, and ravenousness (is that a word?). Yes, I am very hungry and gross myself out every now and then by eating more than Brian. He's a real good sport about it though and even if we've just eaten dinner and 20 minutes later I am back for more, he's supportive :). Hmmm, what else? Itchy. Oh man I just itch all the time! Especially my legs and ribs. Probably going through 1/2 a gallon of lotion a week...I've also been having some pretty crazy dreams. A not-so-crazy one was that I really had a baby boy... so now I'm starting to wonder....

We had a scary moment again on Saturday :/. I started bleeding a bit and had to call into work, call the on-call doc, and get another ultrasound. Now I love ultrasounds, but I was afraid we weren't going to see a heartbeat or something! Horrible feeling. Luckily the ultrasound showed that everything looked a-ok. We were so relieved! Her feet are an inch long :). Couldn't get a confirmation that she is really a girl because she had her cute little legs crossed. So, I was on modified bed rest for the weekend and instructed to take it easy for the next few weeks.

I am finally starting to look pregnant! I felt it more than ever when we were in Cache Valley with my family last week... I think it was due to the insane amounts of food we consumed. I had a real baby and a food baby and boy could I tell. So, I would have to say that I "popped" at 18 weeks and now I feel like I look pregnant if I have the right outfit on. Thanks to my sister and friends who have lent me some of their maternity clothes - I'm about to put it to good use!

Brian and I get more excited for her arrival every day! I can't wait to feel her move around - my placenta is anterior and apparently that makes it so I can't feel her until later on. Can't wait!

Top 3 names: Abigail, Amelia, & Claire. 

And... thanks to our little scare the other day, we got an adorable footprint picture!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

prince or princess?

We are happy to announce that we are expecting a little


Measuring right on track and kicking away like crazy! 
The ultrasound tech had a hard time at first 
because she was hiding "the goods" with her cute little foot, but after some prodding 
she relented and let us know she is, in fact, a she

We are over the moon!

To celebrate we ate pink ice cream (wearing a pink shirt was purely coincidental - or foreshadowing... either way).

She weighs about the same as this bowl of ice cream (5-6ish ounces) 
Just about 4.5 inches long from her cute little head to her cute little bum - 
She's growing so fast!

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