Tuesday, May 21, 2013

19 weeks and belly photo!

Sorry for the lack of updates - but I have a pretty good excuse - I'm growing a human being!

19 weeks and counting - almost to the big 2-0.... halfway!

Symptoms: The nausea is gone except when I work night shifts or eat too much or eat too little... but I have't taken a Zofran in weeks and I feel so, so grateful for that. I know some people are sick right up until they deliver. Yikes. I am still tired, but not exhausted like I was before. My newest friends are leg cramps, dizzy spells, and ravenousness (is that a word?). Yes, I am very hungry and gross myself out every now and then by eating more than Brian. He's a real good sport about it though and even if we've just eaten dinner and 20 minutes later I am back for more, he's supportive :). Hmmm, what else? Itchy. Oh man I just itch all the time! Especially my legs and ribs. Probably going through 1/2 a gallon of lotion a week...I've also been having some pretty crazy dreams. A not-so-crazy one was that I really had a baby boy... so now I'm starting to wonder....

We had a scary moment again on Saturday :/. I started bleeding a bit and had to call into work, call the on-call doc, and get another ultrasound. Now I love ultrasounds, but I was afraid we weren't going to see a heartbeat or something! Horrible feeling. Luckily the ultrasound showed that everything looked a-ok. We were so relieved! Her feet are an inch long :). Couldn't get a confirmation that she is really a girl because she had her cute little legs crossed. So, I was on modified bed rest for the weekend and instructed to take it easy for the next few weeks.

I am finally starting to look pregnant! I felt it more than ever when we were in Cache Valley with my family last week... I think it was due to the insane amounts of food we consumed. I had a real baby and a food baby and boy could I tell. So, I would have to say that I "popped" at 18 weeks and now I feel like I look pregnant if I have the right outfit on. Thanks to my sister and friends who have lent me some of their maternity clothes - I'm about to put it to good use!

Brian and I get more excited for her arrival every day! I can't wait to feel her move around - my placenta is anterior and apparently that makes it so I can't feel her until later on. Can't wait!

Top 3 names: Abigail, Amelia, & Claire. 

And... thanks to our little scare the other day, we got an adorable footprint picture!


  1. LOVE the name choices. You look gorgeous!

  2. Rach you look beautiful! It's always so fun when a little baby bump starts to appear!

  3. Hi Rachael! So glad everything is going well with your pregnancy, altho not without a scare or two. Such an exciting time!! I'm sure Brian is taking very good care of his daughter's Mama : ) You take good care of that growing human being and hope to see you soon!

    Aunt Shelly


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