Thursday, September 5, 2013

34 weeks! And... welcome to baby girl's room :)

Well hello there internet world! I apologize for being a little (or a lot) neglectful of the blog. I guess I've had some different priorities the last little while. Don't worry though, I am feeling more committed again! Especially now that I am miles and miles away from dear friends and family.

I might get teary about that sometimes. I blame it on pregnancy hormones.

Anyhoo (anywho?)...

We are finally feeling settled in! It was quite the move and I am 100% serious when I say I never want to move again until we are out of dental school. Thanks to the incredible help of my mother-in-law and brother-in-law, we were able to make it out of our old apartment on schedule and head down to the valley of death. Ok, it is not the valley of death. But when I walk outside and I immediately begin to sweat like a pig perspire, I wish I was back in good ol' Utah - or anywhere that gets below 90 degrees at night. 

Minus the heat, I really, really like it here! It is so much greener and landscaped than I was expecting! There are flowers, trees, bushes, and even grass almost everywhere you look! I have no idea how much the city shells out for water, but I imagine it is a pretty penny. 

We upgraded a bit and moved into a 2 bedroom apartment (pictures of that to come). I love that it A. has air conditioning B. has new paint/carpet C. is in the corner of the complex so we have some privacy D. It has a pool/gym/etc and E. It has air conditioning (that deserves double gratitude). It's a great place to live and only 2.5 miles from campus so Brian can bike there in less than 20 minutes. 

Oh yeah, and we have palm trees. I'm a sucker for palm trees!

Now, call me crazy, but I really think that Glendale feels a bit like southern California. Not the weather, but the landscaping, houses, etc. If I pretend that the ocean isn't far, sometimes I can fool myself.

While Brian is away for pretty much the entire day, I am trying to make some new friends before I am chained to the apartment with an infant. Don't get me wrong, I am beyond excited for her to make her debut, but I am realistic enough to know that new moms do not socialize too much. Too busy trying to keep a wee one fed and happy! That said, I've met some really great people already and am excited to meet more!

All right, enough updating. On to the pictures!
34 weeks - taken this morning after swimming. Along with what I see when I look down!
Side note: I was swimming at a new friend's house this morning and I asked one of the little girls if she knew what my name was. She said, "Oh yeah! Your name is 'Belly'!" Haha :)

And... introducing the "project." I won't go into detail about why it has been such a project, let's just say there were some setbacks. But, the room is well on its way to completion!

We painted the walls (gray... or actually "timberwolf" or something like that), put up molding around the ceiling (thanks to our tape job not working as well as hoped), painted the molding, put together the crib and cube shelf, put up curtains, made tissue paper pom poms, found a rug & other decoration, etc.

What's left to do:
Find a reasonably priced rocking chair/recliner
Paint the bookshelves white and hang them
Decide if we need a dresser/buy a dresser if we do
Hang all the artwork we have for the walls
Decide if we want (mesh) crib bumpers or a crib skirt or a mobile
Probably more.

It's been a lot of fun. Now I like to sit in there and just think about a little baby being in there.
It's crazy!
I can't believe I'm going to be a mom! And SOON! 
Time to pack the hospital bag...


  1. 1. You totally need a dresser. I didn't think I was gonna need one either and then it was like, Of course I need one!! (after she came!) trust me. There are a lot of clothes!! :D
    2. You might have one but you NEED a trashcan with a lid. It doesn't have to be one of the fancy diaper genies or anything, but it needs a lid. Those little babies stink!! :D
    3. Your room looks SOOOO good!! You are so prepared and I am loving it!! It reminds me of Emry's room and how excited I was to bring her home! Wish I was there to be able to help you!

    1. thanks for the tips!! I wish you were here too - hope to see you sometime in the next few months if I'm lucky :)

  2. Little baby girl's room looks great!! I can hardly wait to meet my sweet little granddaughter!

    Love you,


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