Friday, September 6, 2013

how to survive Arizona's summer weather while pregnant

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Many people have asked me how I am surviving pregnancy in the absurdly warm weather.
This is how I do it:

1. I use the air conditioner
2. I take cold showers. I think I have only taken 1 hot shower since arriving.
3. I go to the pool almost every day.
4. Wherever I am in the house, I try to bring along our portable fan
5. I eat lots and lots of ice cream. Blue Bell recently had a sale and let's just say there wasn't much room in our freezer for much else. Except otter pops - because that is another secret to successful cooling.
6. Sometimes I just spray water on myself and then go sit under/by a fan
7. I avoid cooking hot meals (mmmmm...cereal)
8. Brian occasionally makes me ice packs - like last night. I snuggled with an ice pack until I fell asleep.
9. I always try to park in the shade even if it means walking further to my destination
10. I spend a lot of time out of the house at places with great air conditioning (ie the grocery store, Sam's Club, the library, etc)
11. Water - drink it up!
12. I wear lots of deodorant... because despite all of these measures, it is still hot.

Today I saw something that made me so excited! The weather is cooling down (for the moment)! Check it out... We're going to be in the 90's by next week! That is another way to survive:

13. I try to remember that the winter is going to be heavenly.


  1. You are on a roll with the blog posts!! :D Love it!! Your winters are going to be soooo nice!!! I'm totally jealous!!

  2. You're awesome. Well done! Thanks for posting - glad you're hanging in there. :)


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