Wednesday, July 10, 2013

24 weeks and 2nd anniversary!

This pregnancy sure seems to be flying by. I can't believe I'm already 26 weeks! TWENTY SIX! That means I only have approximately 14 weeks left to get my act together and be ready for this babe. 


I haven't taken any photos this week, but we did take some on our anniversary trip a couple of weeks ago... so here is my 24 week bump!

She's growing!

I still feel great - it is getting a little more uncomfortable to sleep.

Overall I feel very lucky with this pregnancy. Lucky to be pregnant and lucky to have a good pregnancy. I know I'm exposed to worse-case scenarios at my job and it makes me paranoid, so every time I go I thank my lucky stars that she is healthy, growing, and still in my belly!

Well, we also took our "2nd year" photo (we're trying to take one every year on our anniversary so we can see how we change through the years). Here is last year's...

And this year's!


Well, things are starting to get crazy. I only have 2 shifts left at work and then we're packing up and then we're moving to hell the desert! 

I really am excited for the adventure, just a little nervous about the heat :)

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