Bucket List

Bucket List

I started this list in 9th grade for a school assignment and it has evolved from there. I love seeing what I've been able to accomplish and what adventures are in store!
*bolded = completed

  1. Mud wrestle
  2. go snowboarding
  3. eat frog legs
  4. jump off a platform diving board
  5. cliff jump off a height higher than 40 ft. (see video below)
  6. sky-dive
  7. watch an open heart surgery
  8. be in a t.v. program, movie, or commercial
  9. learn to fly an airplane (and fly it)
  10. ride in a limo
  11. skinny dip
  12. save someone’s life
  13. Learn how to play the guitar (take lessons)
  14. ride a camel
  15. live out of the USA
  16. Go zip-lining through a jungle
  17. get lifeguard certified
  18. go to State in a high school sport
  19. serve a mission
  20. get a college degree
  21. Go rock climbing
  22. Get into BYU’s nursing program (and graduate from it)
  23. get married in the temple
  24. ride a horse on the beach
  25. white water rafting trip!
  26. do humanitarian work in a 3rd world country
  27. Be an extra in a film
  28. Fall deeply in love
  29. Sing some karaoke 
  30. Go to Guatemala
  31. Snorkel
  32. sing in an African American choir
  33. help Brian get into dental school
  34. have 4(ish) children
  35. participate in a “dirty dash”
  36. start a successful photography business
  37. take a swing dancing class
  38. take a salsa dancing class
  39. take voice lessons
  40. Own a nice home
  41. meet a current president
  42. sleep in a tree
  43. bungee jump
  44. swim w/ dolphins
  45. play mud volleyball
  46. be trilingual in Spanish, Italian, and English
  47. stay awake for 2 days straight
  48. get above a 200 in bowling
  49. drive a semi truck
  50. fly in a hot air balloon
  51. swim in a pool full of cooked noodles
  52. build and sleep in an igloo
  53. shimmy up a palm tree and get a coconut (with a knife between my teeth)
  54. work in a soup kitchen
  55. visit at least 5 foreign countries (done: Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador)
  56. go down a waterfall
  57. sponsor a hobo
  58. ride an elephant
  59. get certified for scuba diving – Barrier Reef!
  60. go clam hunting
  61. live w/ natives in Africa
  62. read Bible cover to cover
  63. adopt a child or be a foster parent
  64. explore the pyramids of Egypt
  65. travel Europe
  66. get a short haircut
  67. have my portrait painted
  68. Get into Pilates
  69. Go to “The Price is Right!”
  70. Send a message in a bottle
  71. Write a book
  72. Time’s square for New Years!
  73. Experience weightlessness
  74. Go to Greece. Live there?
  75. Learn to juggle with 3 balls
  76. Learn how to whistle
  77. Visit the Holy Land
  78. Run a marathon (or at least half!)
  79. Cross a country on a bicycle
  80. Volunteer with the lepers in India
  81. Surf
  82. Walk across a glacier
  83. Learn to sail
  84. Attend the Olympics
  85. Stand at the North or South Pole
  86. Go to a South/Central American soccer game
  87. Taking lessons for painting/drawing
  88. Go windsurfing
  89. Name a star
  90. Visit New Zealand, Italy Spain, France, Africa, Guatemala (again), Argentina, Mexico (again), Russia, Australia, Hawaii, New York, Germany, India, Tonga, Jerusalem, Boston in the fall

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