Monday, September 19, 2011

rock climbing... "rock on!"

So, our lovely friends Hannah and Chris invited us to go rock climbing with them AGES ago, but we only just got our schedules all worked out so we could go. So, Saturday (before the incredibly embarrassing football game), we went up to Rock Canyon and tackled a mountain! It was super fun, super scary, and a super good workout. I am a bit sore today...

Definitely a new thing for me and it was great! I have found that I need to seriously improve my strength, however :/....

I'm glad that Brian likes to do adventurous things with me. There's always something new to try out!

Brian rappelling down the mountain after they got our rope set up.
And there she goes! Hannah went first and showed us how it was done.

we estimated it to be around 80 ft.
isn't she cute? who knew she was a rock-climbing master?!
so, it looks like I'm falling in this one... but I didn't fall - promise! 


I made it!!
so much fun :)
"he climbs like a monkey!" ... 
this part was scary
and... expert #2 to show us how it's done!

Hannah and Chris

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