Monday, September 26, 2011

formal wedding pictures

Just some "formal" photos outside of the temple. It was such a lovely day! 
oh, and ps... the ice cream was INCREDIBLE! Will post the recipe soon :)


I love my family!!

silly. what is Dan doing?!

Brian's family.... his immediate family plus a few in-laws, nieces, and a nephew. Just a bit larger than my little family haha!

the kiddos

both sets of parents

big group

our friends! love!

all the grandparents!

beautiful grandma :)

Brian's grandparents - he's so lucky to have them all still around!!
I love my momma!!!


  1. Rachel I have to tell you that I kinda stalk your blog! Its just so cute! And I think you wedding was absolutely beautiful, your dress, colors, reception.. everything. It turned out amazing!

  2. LOVE the pictures... and you!



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