Monday, September 19, 2011

weird story.

For our FHE activity, Brian wanted to write a story about our rock-climbing adventure using words from a random word generator. We took turns writing the sentences and this is what we got... a rather weird fiction story.

This posting will not be snub. Brian and Rachael participated in an activity where danger was not preventable. They thought that we might as well before they got old, crusty, and wrinkled. No... we're not talking about caroling! Aye! We're talking about how they ingeniously scaled a mountain. To maintain their safety, they had to use these obnoxious ropes and harnesses... gosh. Rachael went up before Brian and she stylized how to show off her booty while climbing the course. Unfortuantely, she forgot to wear her undercoat. As Rachael sat counterpoised on the mountain, she embowered herself with trees and plants. Brian just sat and watched from the bottom as he noisily eructed. Meanwhile Rachael continued to make pollards. Brian tried to bribe Rachael to come down with a handful of louises. She liked it on top of the mountain because she could enjoy the campestral view. Brian yelled from below, "Do you know what preconsign means?!"  Rach said, "no" but came down anyway with a collection of discoglossidae that she found under a rock.

words we had to look up:

embowered: to cover with trees, plants, and foliage
eruct: to belch loudly
pollard: trees that have been chopped off
louis: golden coins from France
campestral: country/field-like
preconsign: who knows?
discoglossidae: family of primitive disc-tongued frogs



  2. also another funny thing, the little captcha thing i had to type in to post was "crapola"


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