Friday, September 30, 2011

one of the best things about FALL


I am definitely excited for it :). The general Relief Society meeting was last weekend and there are some great talks from that! I especially loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk about the forget-me-nots. Such a great message that I think every girl needs to hear. Ideas that I liked from it:
  • We don't have to do it all, we just have to do our best. 
  • We should not compare our weaknesses to others' strengths - because that's just ridiculous! 
  • Remember, a sacrifice is giving up something for something better. If you are "sacrificing" for things that have little or no worth, that is not a good sacrifice!
  • God loves us... so much!

Take a few minutes and watch it - you won't regret it! Or, if you would prefer to read the message, click here.

Also, I am starting a blog page about my gospel study... It is a compilation of my thoughts, quotes that I like, and scriptures! It's just new, but I'm excited to get working on it! You can reach it by clicking the "search.ponder.pray" tab at the top of this blog or by clicking here

...and here's a picture from the past conference in April!

"I'd love to stay, but I really mustache (must dash)".... classic!
Saw this on pinterest... and loved it. Maybe because I think mustaches are so funny!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

apparently I talk in my sleep

The other night Brian woke up to me sleep-talking...

"cookies... cookies.... yes.... crumbled."

Am I weird or what? Who talks about cookies in their sleep?!

Apparently I really do have a slight obsession with cookies.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I couldn't help but share this.. TT #7

Makes me never want to complain about anything ever again. This guy is so amazing... he really knows how to count blessings.

Monday, September 26, 2011

formal wedding pictures

Just some "formal" photos outside of the temple. It was such a lovely day! 
oh, and ps... the ice cream was INCREDIBLE! Will post the recipe soon :)


I love my family!!

silly. what is Dan doing?!

Brian's family.... his immediate family plus a few in-laws, nieces, and a nephew. Just a bit larger than my little family haha!

the kiddos

both sets of parents

big group

our friends! love!

all the grandparents!

beautiful grandma :)

Brian's grandparents - he's so lucky to have them all still around!!
I love my momma!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Happy four month anniversary  to us!

To celebrate 4 months of lovely wedded bliss we had a great weekend!

Last night after I got home from working in the NICU, Brian surprised me with delicious pumpkin waffles and we went on a bike ride around Provo in our footie "onsie" PJs...

these are the ones Bri gave me for Christmas :)... they are LIME green!
Today we went to lovely church (love!) and then I surprised him with a new ice-cream maker. We love ice-cream! Yay for wedding gift certificates :). So, as I am typing this, our ice-cream is churning and turning into a delicious treat! Peach chocolate chip. Mmmmm. With fresh peaches

Friday, September 23, 2011

our turquoise, pink, and yellow wedding reception

I finally have all of my wedding photos back! That's right... this means that there will be a few photo wedding posts in the near future! This one has loads of photos from our wonderful reception. I just love how the colors came together and I thought the venue was perfect for us! We had an ice cream sundae bar with delicious Creamery ice-cream and loads of toppings. Only downside to your own reception is that you don't have any time to eat the yummy food! 
ice cream sundae bar - yummy!

In LOVE with the centerpieces. We designed them to have floating lemons and candles with my favorite flowers - gerber daisies! They turned out even better than I expected :)

I just loved our cake, too! Brian's cousin, Chad, made it and I thought he did such a wonderful job... and it was seriously so tasty (chocolate with chocolate cream). Brian's aunt Sharlan did the flower arrangement on it. 

Sharlan also made our bouquets! She has talent!

Our rings on the tablecloths. I loved that our venue came with our choice of tablecloths - these were so classy!
Adorable wall-hanging given to us by Megan and Mike Stohl. Love!

Photo sign-in book. It's so fun to go back and read what "advice" everyone wrote! 

Brian's youngest sister, Annette, and niece Addy!

Daddy, Brian, Best Man Russell, and Dad #2

I was SO excited that Megan was able to come out for the wedding. We've known each other since freshman year and were roommates for 3 years and best friends forever!
I love my family!
Dan and Laura - helping to run the show!
Cutting the cake! 
Everyone watching the wedding video/slideshow. It was super fun!
daddy-daughter dance! 
Ba haha! It looks like I'm going to eat his nose!
...and our first dance as a married couple!
time to get the garter!
guess who caught it? Brian's little cousin, Trevor! 

Best bouquet-catching picture ever!
and guess who caught it? My little cousin, Paige! 
SO happy that my best friends all growing up could come. Dani and 'Lex... we went through all those crazy elementary, middle, and high school years together! I was so lucky to have them.
And what would I do without my BFF Andrea?! She is amazing and I just love her!
mis amigas!!!
time to go on our honeymoon! Sparklers and bubbles along the way.

saying by to my amazing momma
and daddy!

... the beginning of happily forever after!

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