Monday, March 7, 2011


Many of you have asked when and where we will be tying the knot... So, here's the information that I know right now (with more details to come of course!)..

When: June 25th (it's the last Saturday in June)
Where:The wedding will probably be either in the Salt Lake Temple or Mt. Timp - I've heard that the Jordan River temple is a great place as well (not so busy)... but basically what I am saying is that it will be in Utah in some beautiful temple :)

The reception will be that same day at a cute little place in Provo. So, there's the info I know for right now. If anyone has any wedding planning advice, hook me up! I'm so excited!!!


  1. How much do I love the milliseconds portion of your wedding day countdown? So. Much.

  2. hope you decide soon you are running out of time

  3. Rachael!! We'll miss the big day but are so excited for you guys!!!!! You guys are gonna have some crazy adventures together!


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