Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wedding color dilemma

So this was my first idea... aqua blue, yellow, and orange. Summery, bright, and fun!
I'm thinking a gray suit for Brian... so make this groom's tie yellow and I love it!

But then again, I also love the navy color with the yellow... but maybe too dark for summer?

What about adding in a little more gray? Instead of blue? I don't know!

So, I really love this bouquet... it just needs some gerber daisies!


  1. I like the Aqua, yellow, and orange... I think all of them are totally you though... I am so excited for you! Marriage ROCKS SOCKS!

  2. Um the first collage of colors are great! Just keep in mind color choices for the wedding party, will they be able to find clothes that match that color? Is it in season? I'm loving these arrays though! So excited for you!


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