Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am going to practice a traditional Lent sacrifice activity this year. I am going to give up something for 40 days (until Easter).

No, I'm not Catholic.

But yes, I think it's a great idea to give up something important to you for a while - a sacrifice if you will.

I thought a while about what I wanted to do and couldn't decide between 2 things so I have decided to do both. Brian is going to do them with me (so wish us luck!)

#1: I am giving up my vice - desserts!! Sometimes I try to only eat them on Sundays, but for the next 40 days it will be none at all. No cookies, cake, brownies, candy, ice-cream (eeee!), chocolate, etc. I think after I quit having made cravings, it will be quite rewarding (not only for self-mastery, but for general health reasons as well!).

#2: I am giving up complaining. I don't consider myself a huge complainer, but I do find myself talking about how tired I am or how much I have to do or how much I don't like homework or how I wish I was at the beach or how I hate soggy shoes in the snow.... etc. Do I really need to say those things? Nope. And I think by not saying them, I will probably not even think them as much. I recognize that I will probably not be perfect at this at first, but I can try my hardest and who knows... maybe after 40 days I won't have the tendency to complain anymore! YEAH!

So, I am excited for this. Lent is a good thing for me this year. Yeah! But you can bet I'll be enjoying lots of chocolate on Easter ;)!


  1. i would die!... the dessert part really would kill me... sweets are like half my diet... oh and i am loving that your wedding countdown has milliseconds...

  2. We have been talking about what to give up for lent in the office. I told them about you giving up "Complaining" and everyone said, "Wow! Now that is a good one!" Way to be!

  3. I think it is not smart to give up dessert before easter. recipe for failure. plus, i feel like we can't even hang out now. that is like my thing! Desserts!

  4. Complaining. Yes that is definitely something I need to give up. Good luck, I'm sure a wedding coming up will at least help with the no dessert motivation :).

    I'm glad you have a blog! I rarely see you, so it's nice to follow how you and your family are doing.


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