Saturday, June 11, 2011

two weeks

Two weeks until...

I am never single again

I am kicked out of singles wards forever

I am known as "Mrs. Pearce" and "Sister Pearce"

I will be living with a boy

Brian has a ring on his finger finally!

I won't have to sleep alone in our new apartment anymore

I will be expected to eat more than cereal and toast for dinner... letting the cooking lessons begin!

I get to call Brian "hubby" hehe.

I get to go to the beautiful Salt Lake Temple and make some serious promises

I get to feel like a pretty princess for a day

I get to go on a week-long vacation with my best friend!

I get married!!!

Cinco de Mayo fiesta... Pretty funny if you ask me!


  1. LOve it that is so cute! Congrats my friend! Estoy muy feliz por ti! ps you'll always be a pretty princesses

  2. gracias amiga! quiero que estes aqui en utah conmigo!

  3. Ooh! You guys are so cute... and now you're married! I'm so glad everything worked out so perfectly, and I hope you always continue to have as much fun as before the wedding :)


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