Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bridal Shower, New Apartment, etc!! Life is great!

Helllo! So, exciting things are HAPPENING! Want to hear about them? Well, then listen up...
  • I am almost done with school for the semester! I am completely done with clinicals (except for a volunteer clinic on Thursday night) and now just have to bust out a few projects I should have been working on all semester... eeeks. Or as my mother would say, "EGADS!"
  • I am getting married in less than 3 weeks! 17 or 18 days actually depending on how you look at it.... CRAZY.
  • We got the key to our new apartment! Check it out at the bottom of the post - it will be the first home I share with an unrelated boy! I think we got a great deal on it too. Special thanks to Andrea for letting me use her air mattress for a bit!
  • I had an incredible bridal shower this weekend! Andrea and Janet planned and decorated and it turned out so great! I am going to steal some photos from Andrea's blog and put them on here because they turned out cute! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated this happy time of life with me and for those who celebrated from a distance and sent me sweet gifts - my mom & sister and the girlies on Brian's side too! Interesting note: the only people I got anything scandalous from were my mom and sister! Go figure haha. I LOVE kitchen stuff, decorations, useful things for the house, and footballs too - so thanks for all of the thoughtful gifts!
  • Night before the bridal shower we made CAKE POPS! If you have never had one repent and go eat one right now!! They are to die for and not to mention utterly adorable. Andre and I went and made them with Lynne at her house and had such a fun time - especially with baby Owen there to cheer us on!
  • Brian started his internship! While I am sad he will be gone 40 hours a week, I am happy that he found a great internship that will pay him! He had his first day yesterday and loved it :)
  • Ordered Brian's ring!
  • Ordered Brian's suit!
  • Getting so excited to see all of the family and my long lost friends who moved far away (that's you Meg and Dani!)
Ok, I am done with my bullet points.... and now for the photos! Enjoy!

It's a real shame we didn't think to take a group shot earlier on in the night! This is about half of of my wonderful friends that came to celebrate! *Note the decorations - so cute!

View from the other side. There is our front door! Notice the carpet... I love it!

Another view of the kitchen. Love that we have a dishwasher... and our own fridge! I don't know what we are going to put in there considering all I have in my fridge currently is soy milk, lettuce, dressing, and... that's it I think because I ate all my carrots. Oh, and Brian's cheese. 

Just imagine all of the tasty things we will make in this kitchen!

Bathroom!  I just knew you wanted a picture of our toilet :). I do appreciate the drawers and counter space because most apartments we looked at didn't have either.

Our room. OUR room. Gasp! What a crazy thought! 

Another favorite part - we both get our own closet! Oh yeah! Brian informed me yesterday that I could probably have half of his too... :)


  1. Yes, Brian will definitely have cheese in your fridge. Keep that man well-supplied with cheese and you will enjoy great peace and happiness.

  2. I love that you showed us your bathroom... the place where you will take many showers together! haha! Love you girlly! So cute!!

  3. Your bathroom counter space is quite enviable. In our first apartment, we had a sink. No counters. So glad the shower was a success and that you enjoyed my cute baby :)

  4. How Fun! Being Married is so Great! And yes you will cook many good things in that kitchen! I am so excited for you and am so sad that I live in freaking NEW MEXICO (I am sure rio rancho is better than alamoghetto haha) so I wont be able to see my favorite person from NM get married in UTAH... and I laughed really hard when you said "OUR ROOM" haha Yup it is going to be a shared ROOM! But it is awesome.

  5. this looks so GREAT, cute girl! I am so happy you found such a great place and that i got to see you. Loved it. xoxo


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