Monday, May 30, 2011

what happened?!

I was on such a roll with blogging regularly and then... I stopped. I don't have time to blog right this second but I just wanted to tell the world that I am alive and doing well. Wedding plans are going great and I am getting more and more excited! Here are some pics of the place we're moving into (from the outside at least) and one of my favorite engagement photos! Yay! Invitations will be going out tomorrow - so be looking in the mail for yours if you gave me your address!

ours is the door on the left :)


  1. Nice place kiddo, top floor or bottom.

  2. bottom :) I won't have to move things up stairs!

  3. Awesome! Where are those apartments? I don't recognize them

  4. It's over around 300 west and 400 north :)


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