Tuesday, April 5, 2011

wedding color/plan UPDATE!

Ok, so after visiting the venue, I sadly found that my original color scheme just wasn't going to work very well... So, to plan B. I only had to change one color to make it work - so, instead of orange, it will be a deep hot pink (fuschia?)... kind of like these flowers below. So, turquoise/aqua, yellow, and fuschia.  Turquoise and ivory are the base colors for the tablecloths and stuff and then the accents (flowers, ribbons, etc) will be yellow and pink! Should be cute :)

Also, side note - it pays to book your venue fast! I looked at the site again today and the price had gone up A TON! Yay for booking them before they raised their prices :) :)

Goal for this week: Pick out wedding dress! I'm going shopping with Andrea on Friday for hopefully the last time!

Just add some yellow to that bouquet and VOILA! Love the necklace.

the turquoise in this is a little too green in the background... but you kind of get the idea with the shoes - which, by the way, I love! :)



  1. Tell me you're doing a ruffle cake like that pink one (but maybe in white/ivory?). I am pretty much in love with it...

  2. SO GORGEOUS! I seriously love it all!

  3. Really do love the colors I'm a big fan of the colors fuschia and turquoise. So excited to see how it all comes together. Let me know if I can help out in any way. So in weddings past we have all the little girls wear matching skirts or dresses and the boys with matching ties. Do you want me to do this for our side? I was thinking of making some matching skirts for all the little nieces and for Annette. I'll have to look to see what fabrics are out there. I also like to make hair bows, head bands, etc. I use to sell them at a boutique there in Utah. Got a little burned out but love to make them for special events.
    Let me know what you want. I just want you to be happy and No we don't have to follow any Pearce/Webb family traditions if you don't want everyone matching.

  4. I think that would be adorable! But seriously, it sounds like a lot of work for you to do! So, go right ahead and do it if you want to, but if not then that is totally ok too :)

    I am planning on going to get "samples" of the color of material sometime this week and I can mail it to you if you give me your address. I am planning on mailing a sample to your mom and my mom too if they want to get something to match. The main color is turquoise/aqua(ish) and then the accent colors (like the flowers, ribbons, whatever extra...) are fuchsia and yellow. The tablecloths are an off-white color. Anyway, that is probably WAY too much information :) - let me know if you need more though!


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