Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finally Finals

Finals week is almost here!! You know what THAT means... study study study, snack break, study, youtube break, study, snack break, study, bathroom break, study, anything I can think of to distract myself break, study, etc etc.... Oh the joys of finals. 

At least I only have 3 left!

And then.... SPRING TERM! Note that I did not say "summer break." Yes, it is sad but true... for nursing I have to keep taking classes this spring and serve our "at risk" populations here in Utah. I will be working in the local jail, diabetes clinics, reduced-price healthcare clinics, and other such exciting places instead of sleeping in and going to the pool. Oh well. At least I have summer term off starting in June - I can party then :)

To all you finals takers... HAVE FUN! BUENA SUERTE! TAKE LUCK!

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  1. hahah take luck! oh how I love Brian Regan! Really though good luck! I am so glad that I am done with school just because of how lame finals were... and take care too! LOVES!


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