Monday, August 29, 2011

(Lots of) Pictures from our Mexican Cruise!

Brian's first experience with sushi! 
mom and dad at the arcade in the middle of the pacific!

dance dance revolution anyone?

formal night with my love!

dancing to the live music! 
The crew - I think this is everyone who came! 23 people?

Nielsen Crew

After a ride on army buses through the jungle (pics later on), we rode mules up the mountain to begin our zip-lining adventure in Peurto Vallarta!

oh, and a little hike

wahooooo! flying over the treetops!

and Brian!

we also rappelled down a waterfall!

Brian asked them if he could run into the waterfall... they said yes.

the adventure crew!

at the end of the adventure we had a race... can you tell who is winning?

the ship had 11 floors... and we frequently went up stairs.

a guy did an ice-sculpture in less than 10 minutes!

Brian decided to only shave half his face

so... I accidentally ripped off his head!

this was before our kayaking/snorkeling adventure!

Cabo San Lucas!

riding horses on the beach (well, we're on the way to the beach in this photo)

the horses look so short in these pictures! Must be the angle, because they were NOT short!

mine's name was Tequila



Dan! His horse decided to lay down while he was riding it.... luckily he escaped without any squished limbs!

he did get pretty sandy though...

so fun to vacation with people you love!

they had these weird statues everywhere on the ship...


  1. That last one really made me laugh! Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Those statues were probably left over from the "gay" cruise haha!


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