Wednesday, March 28, 2012

#4. What you would tell your 16 year-old self

4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.

Now THIS is a great question!
  1. Don't stress so much about school. Get good grades, establish good habits, but loosen up a bit and don't sweat the occasional subpar grade. It really doesn't matter!
  2. Watch out for that policeman right next to your house the first day you start working at the pool. Oh, and the policewoman who was hiding down that forbidden route "closed" road. And let's not forget about the motorcycling popo who got you on your way to school on comando Wednesday! Oh, and watch out for that parked car on the way to seminary. Yes, parked.
  3. Establish better habits of reading the scriptures and praying. Start working hard to get that testimony so that some of the struggles in life will be a little easier. Besides, little do you know... but you'll be going on a mission - so start preparing now!
  4. Write down EVERYTHING. Take pictures! I wish I could remember all of the crazy stuff I did when I was younger. I was at a Camp Meeting last night and the girls were talking about all of the fun and crazy things they did at camp and I wish I could remember it all. I treasure the memories I do have, but I wish I had more.
  5. Be more grateful. I think it is so easy at that age to take everything for granted and feel entitled to all the good things in life. You do not deserve anything, so be grateful for what you do have! Tell your parents thank-you more often and show your appreciation by doing things for them. You'll be happier, I promise!
  6. Treasure the time you have with Dan and Jen. Dan will be leaving on his mission soon and after that he'll be in college, getting married, and moving across the country. You are going to be going to college soon too and won't be able to hang out with Jen every day! Do fun things with them, make some memories, and try to always be nice :)
  7. Don't find your self-worth in others' opinions. Your self-esteem does not need to depend on what other people think. You will not and cannot live up to everyone's standard and expectation. Do what you can and be happy with that. The only person you should worry about disappointing is your Father in Heaven.
  8. Don't obsess over food. Eat healthy, be active, take care of yourself, and enjoy life. If you don't kick this "food guilt" habit early, you're going to be 25 and still working on it (trust me, I know). 
  9. Develop closer relationships with you grandparents. They only stick around so long and they have loads of wisdom to pass along!
  10. Wear sunscreen (I got this off of an ad I saw (see bottom of post), and think it's great advice - who wants yucky skin?!)
My 16 year-old self: Springboard diving team, Lake Powell, swim team coach, my 16th b-day, and friends!

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  1. Rach looking at these pictures brings back so many fun memories! I was just thinking how at 16 I was so blessed to have such an amazing friend who was always such a great example to me. Love you Rach!!!!


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