Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Myla at 15 months

Once upon a time I had a baby.

Now I have a toddler.

Her babyhood is just slipping away from me and I know I'm going to forget about all the little milestones if I don't write them down. She's growing up!

Dear Myla,

Hey cutie pie! I could probably read you this letter and you'd understand most of it because I swear you know way more than what you let on. You surprise me almost every day with something you know that I had no idea you had learned. You probably know French or something and you're just waiting for the right time to dish it out.

You are the best sleeper I've heard of and I know that makes me one spoiled mama. You go bed sometime between 8 and 9 and then sleep until about 8 or 9 and then play happily in your crib until I come and get you. Then it's all smiles and requests for your "baw-ul." You slurp down your milk like you haven't eaten anything in days and then run off for some adventures. You are down to one nap a day (about a month ago) and sleep for 3 hours sometimes! Usually just 2, but I'm not complaining.

You have SO many words! I counted a few weeks ago and you were up to 50... so who knows how many you know now. You are so good at saying "please" and "thank you," but I think your most used words are, "hi" and "more." You see some food you want... "more." You make lots of animal sounds and think that everything is "purple." ("What color is this?")

You make the hand motions for patty cake and get the biggest smile on your face whenever you "toss it in the air!"

You are helpful with putting on your clothes and LOVE to get your shoes on - especially because that usually means we are taking a trip outside. You would stay outside all day long if you could.

You play well with most kids and haven't learned the dreaded toddler words yet: No & mine

You finally have enough hair to put it in a pony on top and if I work really hard in pig tails at the bottom - it looks darling!

Your stranger danger is here but you warm up pretty fast - especially if they share snacks with you.

We had Christmas up in Show Low this year and you had a great time opening your presents, rewarding us with many exclamations of, "wow!!" You loved grandpa's piano and had so much fun with your aunt Annette.

Your favorite games are chase (still), peek-a-boo, a blanket chasing game that daddy plays with you, and anything with your tunnel.

Your favorite toys are your blocks, picnic basket with play food, and your "ride" - which is a little red jelly bean shaped toy with wheels that you sit on and we push you.

We just love you so much! Thanks for being our girl!

Love, mama

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