Monday, January 17, 2011

Nursing School Fun

So, I am starting to definitely feel the weight of the new semester - while I am really enjoying ICU (intensive care unit), it is definitely a challenge! I endured my first 12 hour clinical day (14.5 hrs if you count driving time) on Friday and was happy to just relax and watch "Despicable Me" with Brian afterward. Hilarious movie, by the way - if you haven't seen it, you should! 

Life is great, I have to read a chapter about shock before I go to bed - but I got this off of a friend's blog (thanks Jess!) - so true. I'm feeling it!

You might be a Nursing Student if...

1. You are not allowed to talk about your day at school at the dinner table.
2. You have what you think is a nightmare, and realize "oh I'm just at clinical."
3. You have replaced sleep with diet coke.
4. You have no problem discussing sputum and bowel movements at lunch.
5. You find yourself wiping other people’s butts more than your own.
6. Words that used to make you blush are now part of your every day vocabulary.
7. Your parents reported you missing last June.
8. Your books require wheels.
9. You get excited when someone says there is dressing change or a catheter to be done.
10. This year's birthday list consists of: NCLEX books, Drug flash cards and nursing care plan books.
11. The thought, "what the Heck are you talking about" runs through your head at least once a day.
12. Your friends start wondering if you died.
13. You know who Don Gloves and Ted Hose are.
14. The words "care plan" make you sick to your stomach.
15. You find yourself subconsciously giving your family and friends nursing diagnoses.


  1. I'm just gonna have to say that #5 rings true more than I'd like to say. :D Nursing is gross!! :D Love you!

  2. You can always talk about your day at our dinner table, although dad might put in ear plugs.


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