Saturday, June 30, 2012

Blue Baby

Due to HIPAA, I can't really go into detail. But let's just say recently I was very very glad that I had brushed up on my infant CPR training. One of the parents came and very calmly asked if I could suction out their baby's nose because he had some milk in it. I said I'd be there in a minute (I was working with another baby). The parent then said, "No, it's an emergency!" And ran out of the room to where the baby was. Naturally, I ran after him and found a very blue baby. A few back blows and some suctioning later, he was just fine. Freaked out (as were the parents), but breathing.

I had always wondered how I would react in an emergency situation. Thank heavens this time I was able to stay calm and be efficient!


  1. oh my goodness, scary! Could you come live at my house just so I have someone so awesome close by? Way to go Rach!

  2. that was me andrea, not ryan, who just asked oyu to come live at my house... haha!


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