Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Earley Family

....The Earley Family...
It was freeezing outside, but we got it done :)
Isaac was such a good sport!

Isn't Suzie gorgeous?!

HAHAHA! So, I had to post this. He's flying!! Close up on his face on the right of course :)

I'm still offering free photo shoots for a little while - let me know if you or someone you know wants one! Thanks for all your encouragement. I am LOVING this new hobby of mine. :)


  1. Gorgeous! (And such a great job)

  2. Rachael! These are brilliant! I love that you captured so many of Isaac's different expressions. I really like the black and whites too! Thanks again! And for such a nice evening too :)

    1. I'm glad you like them :) If you want any of the colored ones in black and white or vice-versa, let me know and I can put them on the CD too. You'll be getting a lot more photos than what is shown here on your CD :). SO good to see you guys!

  3. These are beautiful! You captured this sweet family so well. You have a gift!

  4. I was just looking over the Early's pictures again and am really impressed. They are a great looking family and you did a super job of capturing those important elements that make a picture come to life and fun to look at. I really love the one of the flying baby! Lucky kid! He has awesome parents!


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