Wednesday, June 23, 2010

San Diego!

Hna Santillan, Emily, Oscar, Perrita, & me
Vanessa, Jane, Cesar, me, & Blanca Tacon!
Delicious Mexican meal... YUMMY!

We slept in a teepee our last night!
Catching up with Hna Rehm and Hna Kratzer
Look what they're doing to the temple!
Balboa Park... watch out for the man-eating plants!
Coronado Island
Blanca Tacon!
Coronado Island
Mormon Battalion!
Panning for gold
Pictures from the San Diego trip - enjoy! We had SUCH a great time... I miss being there and being a missionary so much! It was great fun to surprise everyone (almost no one knew that we were coming :)...) and really really great to catch up with people. We even got to spend a few hours with the Donaldsons! Yep, it was an incredible weekend (I didn't even mind the 105 degree Calexico weather too much!)

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