Thursday, July 8, 2010

freedom is a good thing

First of all - happy late 4th of July! I wanted to include a few pictures from past 4ths of July... back to when I was coaching the Corrales Swim team and running around in the Corrales Parade for a few summers... to my 4th of July in the MTC... to my 4th of July in San Diego... 4th of Julys are great! Today, interestingly enough, is the anniversary of the day I left the MTC and went to San Diego! Happy Anniversary!

Here are some pictures of a few latest adventures....

Friends eating some delicious cotton candy a nice family donated to our mouths
My favorite float at the parade!
The amazing floating jello (above)

Manti pageant (below)
Did you know that jello floats? Well, these little jello containers do - and it is super fun to race them down a river (and as an added bonus - it keeps them cold!). Brian and I went on a hike on the 3rd of July before heading to the festive barbeque and fireworks later on and discovered the magic of floating jello. You should try it. I guarantee at least 3 minutes of pure joy. I had about 30 :). Everything is going great since the last time I posted. School is going well and even as I type I can feel the calluses I am developing on my left hand fingers thanks to my guitar classes! If all goes as planned, am going to have such TOUGH looking fingertips! Other highlights from the past little while:

* Manti pageant was wonderful! I would highly recommend it - although I would also recommend getting a good seat because it's hard to see from far away.
* 4th of July weekend was pretty rad - I got to go to a barbecue, fireworks, potluck, and a parade! I love that holiday. I vote we have it at least one more time a year
* I discovered that Thursdays are 20% off for students day at Sunflower Market. Yay!
* Learning about the sounds of spanish is a wee bit more difficult than I anticipated - it's a challenging class!
* I got a call back from the MTC - they want me in for another interview in a few weeks! Eeeeee! But, it's for fall semester so I am having a difficult internal battle. Why? Well, I have wanted to work there since I was a missionary there... I know that it will change me and make me better in so many ways... BUT - I will have a full nursing schedule and it just might kill me. Or, my social life at least. Any suggestions?!
*I love teaching Gospel Doctrine! My last lesson was about David and Bathsheba and the class members were so wonderful - participating and bringing a great spirit. I teach again on the 18th. Lesson 27 if you're interested in looking it up.

So, life is good! I am so grateful to live in this country where we have so many freedoms - especially religious freedom! I am loving this summer term and have set some goals to try and help me establish good habits. These are the things I want to do daily:
1. Read from the Book of Mormon
2. Read a Conference talk from the last conference
3. Exercise for at least 30 minutes
4. Floss (that's for you, mom!)
5. Get out of bed by 7:30
6. Eat healthy
7. Speak some Spanish!
8. Write in my journal

Yep, if I can do those things every day, that would be great :). Well, I'm off to do homework! I'll try and post more regularly! Ciaocitos.

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