Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Lesson

Hey hey hey! HAPPY SUNDAY! It has been a great day so far (complete with an amazing nap) and I just wanted to put down a few things from the Gospel Doctrine lesson I taught today. First of all, I LOVE TEACHING! It is such a fun thing to do! I never realized what an interesting process preparing and teaching a lesson was. The more prayer you do, the better, that's for sure! And then there is the task of preparing something that will be engaging, will keep everyone interested, will bring the spirit, will allow you to feel comfortable teaching (a little humor in my case), informational, and applicable to every-day life! There is probably more than that, but that is what came to mind just now. But, I love it - today's lesson was about Rehoboam, Jeroboam, and Jehospahat... 3 people that I knew almost nothing about. I learned so much! Here are some lovely picture that I used in my lesson... :)

Seeing as the lesson is about the influence of wicked and righteous leaders, here is a lovely example of our righteous first presidency!

And.... the lego pictures bwa hahaha. It kept everyone interested :)

We actually ran out of time at the end (but I am always happy when there is participation!), so I wasn't able to show this video.... but this was going to be how I ended it. Enjoy :) And happy Sunday!

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