Thursday, February 24, 2011

it's a little embarassing...

So, last week I was in the burn trauma unit at UofU Hospital.

15 minutes in... I passed out on the floor.  Hahahaha - it's such a stereotypical thing for a nursing student to do! Man, at least I didn't hit my head or I might've been transferred down stairs to the ER...

Needless to say, I was a little embarrassed... after all, I have seen much grosser things and I never passed out then! The nurses gave me some toast and jello and let me sit down for a while and then I got back to work :).

Intrestingly enough - one of my patients told me all about how he raises goats. Not just any kind of goats - fainting goats. Yep. You scare them and they faint. You can google it!


  1. What the... fainting goats? Why? Are they just for entertainment? That's really...weird.

  2. SO I wish I could say that never happened to me either... but it did. At my interview. Hahahahaha. It was a lady with a sternal wound infection and you could totally see her heart beating in her chest; just an open wound on her sternum. The bright side is I still got the job :)


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