Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mrs. Pearce!


I got married! It was seriously the best day ever - amazing luncheon with family and friends, incredible temple ceremony, I got a husband and I'm a wife!, pictures with family & friends outside the temple, super fun reception (seriously, I had so much fun), delicious food, and then off with my new husband in a flurry of sparklers and bubbles. Couldn't have been a better day - I am so grateful for everyone who helped out! THANK YOU!

I don't have any of the photographer's photos yet, but I do have some super professional pictures by my brother Dan and his new camera! He had fun following our photographer around :) - great pictures and I am happy to display them here! Thanks Dan! 

Stay tuned for pictures from our photographer (hopefully within the next few weeks)!

It's a little small - but I like it because it's us coming out of the temple just after getting MARRIED! Yay!

Grandpa! He is such an amazing person and I am so glad he could be there even when he wasn't feeling well. 

I just love this picture of dad - he's such a handsome guy!
My mom is so gorgeous! I just love her :)

My darling sister :)

And my darling sister-in-law!

The photographer - Love you Dan!


  1. LOVE THIS!!! :D So happy for you!!!

  2. rachel you are GORGEOUS!!! Hooray hooray!!! p.s. I love how one of the labels on this post is "babies" :D :D

  3. Hey Rachel wedding is the most important day in everyone's life and it should be amazing.
    As you have posted your blog and pics i can see how happy you are and how beautiful and graceful your wedding was. best of luck for your future...

  4. Rachael! Excellent pictures. I laughed pretty hard at the triple kissing one... I din't notice your parents were kissing too at first(!) Luvit! I hope you are settling well into the new apartment/schedule/name/lifestyle, etc :)


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