Monday, July 25, 2011

never do this.

So... this weekend Brian and I decided we wanted to go camping. Unfortunately, Friday night came and it was getting pretty dark before we ever even left the house. So, we decided that instead of setting up our tent, we were just going to sleep in Brian's geo. 

His geo.

Don't know what that is? Well, it's a very small car that has the engine of your average go-cart. Here is a picture of one in case you were wondering....

Now, Brian's geo does not have tires quite that large. In fact, he had a flat tire once and I honestly couldn't tell which tire was the donut and which ones were just normal. Hehe - I love that carrito!

Anyway, so we took his geo up into the Sundance mountain range, parked it and camped out in his car. I think that Brian described that night's experience perfectly. We were like rotisserie hotdogs being cooked on flames of pain. Let me explain... every way we turned it hurt in different ways. So, throughout the night we just slowly turned circles so that different areas of our bodies could hurt (we had to be fair!). Anyway, it wasn't a very restful night and when we woke up we were ready to go home after a short walk through the canyon. I think next time it will be worth the effort of putting up a tent :)

Other events from this weekend... transporting our new couches (new to us anyway) with a minivan, finally went to our new ward for the first time, pioneer day in the park (so fun until I got food poisoning again!), pizookie night with Rebecca & Chris, and a delicious Sunday crockpot dinner and homemade bread made by my wonderful husband! Love him!

Yep, it was a good weekend. Just don't ever try and sleep in the back of a geo metro.

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