Thursday, November 3, 2011


Unfortunately I had to spend most of my Halloween writing a research paper... but we still found some time to celebrate! Just some fun Halloweeny things I found on Pinterest.... we bought the stuff to make the adorable Frankensteins (never got a chance, but we're going to do it after Halloween anyway!), made those INCREDIBLE pumpkin donut holes (baked - if you want the recipe, let me know!), made the cute little mummy hotdogs, and saw lots of cute costumes! 
I made Brian promise me that next year we could really celebrate Halloween and not study all night. Mostly I made him promise because I'll be graduated and he'll still be on the road to lovely dental school! He is doing so so well in his classes this semester and I am seriously proud of him! He went from all business classes to almost all sciences (chem 105, physiology, biology, pre-dental, and a personal finance class) - crazy busy and he is rocking them! 

Hmmm... what else is new since my last post?
  • I am still loving working in the NICU. I put an IV in a little 2 pound baby!
  • Kelly aka Sister Campbell, stayed with us for the weekend before she entered the MTC yesterday! It was so great to see her and reminisce about how I felt right before I entered the MTC - full of excitement, nerves, and the spirit! Yeah!
  • My primary class was so well behaved on Sunday. I just love them. We learned about Moroni. I am already excited to see them again this next week
    • memorable things from the lesson:the kids decided they want to call us fruit names. I think I'm Strawberry and Katie is Pineapple
    • they were really excited about Halloween (one was postiive he had met the real spiderman at the trunk or treat. adorable.)
    • I convinced them to sing in sharing time (hurray! seriously an accomplishment for the little boys)
  • It's freezing here! 27 degrees. 
  • We went country dancing with Ryan and Andrea on Saturday night. SEriously so much fun... and a great workout.
  • Hannah and Chris came over on Sunday night for games and treats. We played Monopoly in a card-game style and it was so fun. Waaaay better than normal monopoly. 

Anyway, happy November! I can't believe how fast this year is going by!


  1. I would LOVE the recipe for those doughnut holes! I'm always craving doughnuts but I hate frying stuff so I'd love a baked recipe! And they look so tasty!

  2. oh they are SO divine! I'll send you the recipe :)


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