Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I had a dream

Weirdest dream ever last night. I really need to lay off the late-night snacks. But alas, yesterday was our four-month anniversary (yay!), so we did our tradition of getting a milkshake! It was late because we had to wait for me to be back in town after my New Mexico trip and Brian had a test to take after his pre-dental class that doesn't get over until 6. So... milkshakes at 8:30! Yum!

Anyway, the only reason I'm telling you about the milkshake is because I think it must be the cause of my very strange dream. This is how it went...

Justin Bieber was Harry Potter
Voldemort was actually a woman
Harry Potter (aka Justin Bieber) and I were best friends
We were in some Latin American country in an antique store
Voldemort wanted a Picasso painting that my mom had.
She gave it to this little hispanic man and told him to go sell it for something good so Voldemort couldn't get it.
He came back with 6 chicken breasts and a container of mushrooms that he traded the painting for.
We were pretty disappointed that he didn't get something more for the valuable painting, but were happy to have some chicken anyway.
My mom was afraid her wallet was going to get stolen so she put it in an antique desk drawer at an antique furniture store.
I made her go get it out before the store sold the desk.
Harry (Justin) killed Voldemort with a shotgun because magic wasn't working this time.

Then I woke up.

Weird, or what?!!

Anyone know how to interpret dreams?


  1. Hey! That's the exact same dream I had last night - not.... However, I am not surprised you had chicken in your dream.

    Love you!

  2. That is fantastic! I want to see the movie version.


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