Monday, October 17, 2011

make-up free!

It's a make-up free day.... and, I must say, it's rather refreshing! I think I've put on make-up almost every single day of my life since I was at least 16 years old... that's kind of sick! Why am I so afraid to just be me? So, today I decided to wash my face reaalllly good (get all of the mascara off) and go all day without painting my face. So far so good. I like it. Granted, I don't have class today... so maybe I should try this on a day I have class. I know a girl who very bravely gave up make-up for Lent. Forty days make-up free! Now that is a feat. If only I had that much guts.

I think it's important to feel beautiful without all the extra "stuff." It's hard, but I think it's possible.

Ok, what else?

I taught my first full CTR 5 class yesterday! Those kids are ca-razy! I don't know what they eat for breakfast, but I'm 99% positive it is loaded with sugar. At least we had some girls this week to help calm the little dudes a bit. We learned about how to be righteous and pure and about the prophet Mormon. It went prettttty good. I just have to learn how to control a small room full of 5-year olds better. Any suggestions?!

Brian and I made the most adorable owl cupcakes yesterday! They have a surprise cream cheese/chocolate chip filling. Love! I just love Fall. Unfortunately Brian and I are also only eating desserts on Sundays, so now we have a whole bunch of cupcakes sitting around - I guess it's time to give them out!
These are the pictures that gave me the inspiration, not the picture of our actual cupcakes - but ours looked pretty much exactly the same! SO CUTE!
Oh, and I had a really great scripture study today in Alma 36 :)

Well, off to write a research paper! Have a great day!

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  1. Ha the cupcakes. So way to go with the makeup thing. I started only wearing makeup on Sundays and on days when I had a date with Wayne. The days are so hot here, especially in the summer and makeup just melts off. I have found I've saved a lot of money. The days I do put makeup on I feel better about myself and don't just feel like the "MOMMY" so I say do what feels comfortable and remember Rachael you are so beautiful.


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