Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my *adorable* new nephew

Well, guess who got to go home for the weekend and meet her new baby nephew?! ME! Man, I'm lucky. I am also a slacker for the week when it comes to school and I will pay for that tomorrow :/. So, I drove the 9 hours on Friday, spent an amazing Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with the fam, and then drove back 9 hours today. Quick trip? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. Here are some of the adorable pictures! :D

This is the face that greeted me at the door - and look at that cute outfit!

precious. He is such a good baby!

After a swaddling lesson

look at those eyes! I hope they stay blue.

yes, he smiles - a lot!


He liked his aunt (I hope!)

Beautiful momma (my sister, Jen) and Gage the frog.

He's in his Halloween outfit - you can't really see it, but it's a super cute skeleton onesie.
such a cuddlebug!


  1. HE LOVES AUNTIE RACHAWNK BAWNKS (aka the baby whisperer)!!!!! he misses his alone time with you already. can't wait for christmas!!

  2. He is the most adorable baby ever!


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