Monday, October 10, 2011


Man oh man I'm glad FALL is back! For a few days I was really frightened that we were going to skip one of my favorite seasons and go right to cold cold winter! Luckily, the 30's degree weather left and today was a beautiful, crisp fall day. Nothing better than jeans and a hoodie. I really love Fall. I really love Spring and Summer too.... and we won't mention Winter :/.... let's just say I'm so grateful for Christmas!

Oh, and fun fact.... Brian and my 6-month anniversary will fall on Christmas Day! Glad it's so easy to remember :).

Why Fall is so fantastic!!!:

  1. Crisp. I love that crisp yummy air!
  2. Pumpkin and everything pumpkin! Most recently... pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes :).... true story: I had a dream last night that when I started carving my pumpkin it wasn't fully of the slimy seeds and gunk, it was full of pumpkin pie. Yes, pumpkin pie. Maybe it could happen?
  3. Hayrides
  4. Hoodies/jeans/cardigans/boots/scarves/mittens/comfy jammies/hats
    1. ***it is important to note that while I do also wear these in winter, in the Fall I wear them and they actually keep me warm. In the winter it seems nothing can help my freezing fingers, nose, & tosies.
  5. Hot chocolate
  6. General Conference (already did that one!)
  7. Blankets
  8. Hot chocolate + blankets + good book = great afternoon!
  9. Getting the itch for Christmas music - I know! I know!... I can't help it.
  10. Beautiful leaves
  11. Drives through the canyon
  12. Leaf fights
  13. Cuddling and not wanting to get out of bed because it's so warm and cozy
  14. Blow-drying my hair is no longer a pain, but a pleasure because it's warm!
  15. Rosy cheeks
  16. Decorations for the holidays
  17. And I must mention the holidays... I love Halloween and Thanksgiving!
Ok, that's enough for now, I'm sure I can think of more, but I'll just have to count those blessings in my head.

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