Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dental Story & Baby Gage

And... a lovely picture of Brian on his wheels... :)

And he's still smiling! He has had a great attitude about all of this and I am proud of him. Don't take this the wrong way, but I am also proud of myself because it is not easy to have a "disabled" spouse. I now have an all new respect for people who deal with challenges like this for longer than 4-6 weeks... some for a lifetime! Brian is learning quickly about how UNwheelchair-accessible parts of campus can be. He told me today that the bathrooms in the Widsoe Building are a "nightmare." So what do you do? Hold it I guess ;)

We have also been discussing Brian's future as a dentist. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it on here before, but we have been considering doing something a bit risky as far as getting into dental school. Because there is a ridiculous 1-year waiting period between applying to dental school and actually going to dental school, we have been trying to figure out how to best fill that time. What better way than to still be finishing up school? So, the plan we are considering (thanks to help from my dear friend Megan and her husband, Mike) is for Brian to apply to dental school this coming June, take the DAT and second O-chem class afterwards, and submit those scores to the schools after his application is in. That way he can have everything turned in and have the application process rolling while he is finishing up his last semester(s) at BYU. That's how Mike did it. Sounds great, right? Riiiight... except for a few things... like... not as much time to do all the crazy stuff you have to do to make yourself applicant-worthy:

  • shadowing hours with dentists
  • volunteer hours in the community
  • leadership hours
  • studying for the DAT (!)
  • DAT prep course
oh yeah... and still get great grades in currently scheduled classes. 

So, as you can see... it's a dilemma. It's either do it all this summer or push it off to next summer after he's graduated and then wait a year to go to dental school. Then the question is what does he do during that year? Try and find a business job I guess (that is his degree). Meanwhile, I'll be working as a nurse! 

Planning a future can be so stressful. Blah!

Other news... my nephew is now four months old! Yay!

this is Gage in his "Professor G" sweater

this is Gage not wanting to have glasses on. Brian, Jen, and I laughed forever about this one. What a photogenic baby, eh?

love him!



  1. man, what a cute kid!!! his mother must be amazingly hot.

  2. If Brian hasn't already, I suggest he take the dental prep class that BYU offers. It helped John a lot! (I can find the class number if you want it). They teach you how to put an application together and tell you when to do take which steps. They have tons of guest speakers talk about different specialties and things like that. It's typical for students to apply for dental school the end of their junior year and then go the following fall after graduation. John decided to take a year off and just work, putting in his application after he graduations, like you also mentioned. He said he really needed to take a break before getting into another four years of school. It all depends on what's right for you!

  3. A few years ago Chris temporarily blinded himself so I can totally relate to how tough it is to suddenly have your spouse be completely dependent on you. Dang that was tough! My former roommate is going to dental school at Midwestern University in Arizona. I went to visit her and the campus was really pleasant. It's a new school so everything is still nice and the set-up is very modern. Be sure to add that school to your list of potential applications.

    Also, Gage is super adorable!


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