Monday, January 9, 2012

didn't see this one coming!

I guess it's time to tell the sad sad tale of Brian's broken feet. Yes, not foot, feet.

I guess if you have to break your feet, you might as well do it while doing something awesome... like a marshmallow gun capture the flag war, right? We were invited over to Spencer's friend's house for just that. Now, this isn't just any house. This is a rather large house that just so happens to have a fire pole in it. I know, awesome, right? Brian and I have actually talked about having a firepole in our own future home (along with a slide, giant swing, etc...) but since this mishap, I guess we're going to have to discuss if it's still going to make it into the blueprint. Anyway...

The marshmallow war was epic. We had dried out the marshmallows with a fan so they were the perfect staleness to achieve real velocity. The lights were out and Pirates of the Caribbean was playing over the sound system. You just can't beat it! So, we had been playing for a while when suddenly I hear this very loud THUMP. 

...Followed by some moaning and "ouch, ouch, ouch, OUCH!"

We all rushed over to find Brian curled up at the bottom of the fire pole from which he had fallen nearly 10 feet directly onto his heels.

Time to go to urgent care! Oh, and did I mention that his 26th birthday was the next day and that he was in limbo as far as insurance goes as soon as the clock struck midnight?

Urgent care turned us down because he had fallen too far and they thought he would have injuries that they weren't equipped to handle.

To the Emergency Room!

The doctor there informed us that the x-rays showed a break in the left heel but not the right. He wrapped up his foot with an ace bandage and told him to take it easy until he could get into a pediatrist. This morning we found that this doctor really didn't have a clue.

So, Brian tried using crutches the next day at school which turned out to be the most painful day of his life because he was crutching around on an injured right foot. Even worse, it was his birthday! What a birthday! I love that the card my parents sent him said, "I hope your day his filled with big surprises!" Oh, it was!

After calling around for a while and telling our sob story, I finally got a wheelchair from the nicest man in the world at the healthcare center. I think he just felt bad for me because I sounded like a dying cow (I've been sick with a cold the past week and lost my voice). I went a picked up the lovely wheelchair and decided to surprise Brian with it when he got home from school along with his b-day presents. He said it was the best present ever!

We had friends over that night for his birthday - so fun! I was just very happy to be distracted from what was going on.

So, we couldn't get into the pediatrist until this morning and when he looked at the x-rays he informed us that both feet were broken and that the ER doctor should've immobilized both feet immediately because Brian's achilles tendons were pulling at the breaks every time he flexed or extended his foot! Egads!

So, Brian now has two lovely boots, a wheelchair, and a disability tag for the car on its way. I am now his nurse, taxi, and whatever else that he can't do himself. I am just so grateful that this happened after I graduated so that I have a little more spare time to help him out.

One day at a time. That's just how it's going to have to be.


  1. Holy Smokes!!!!!

    We love you guys and hope all is well. Nothing can get Brian down; not even two broken feet.

    Best of luck, man. Let us know if you ever need a lift somewhere!

    Kevin and Jen

  2. Oh my goodness! Rach, this is a crazy story! Poor Brian! :( I hope things are going better for you guys now! And that you are having a blast studying for the NCLEX. Oh baby.


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