Thursday, July 26, 2012

new puppy

Nope, not ours... but I am still incredibly excited about it!

That's allowed, right?

My family in New Mexico is getting a brand new miniature schnauzer puppy and she is super adorable from the looks of the pictures. While I am feeling very jealous, I am happy that I'll at least get to see her when I go visit! Her name right now is Zenia, but they're probably going to change it to something they choose. Anyway, I have definitely had a case of puppy fever since finding out they were getting her. I've even dragged Brian to PetSmart in hopes of seeing puppies (did you know they don't have puppies at PetSmart - only cats!).

Anyway, if you have a puppy, I'd love to come and hang out for a while. Let me know.


  1. she is soooo cute! i'll make sure to post lots of pics of her and gagers together - i want to get them matching outfits!

    PS. they had a bieber fever outfit at petsmart for only $3! but mom said no :(

  2. What a cute puppy!! Thank you for your kind words- I never feel very adorable as I gain weight but appreciate your comment!! :) A dear friend of mine is a labor and delivery nurse at the U (and I think she is often the charge nurse?). I asked her last night and she said sometimes she floats to the NICU and vice versa- you'll have to look for her- Amy Beebe. Cute, tall, dark hair, and super awesome! (I told her the same thing about you- minus the tall and dark hair part! :D)


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