Saturday, February 22, 2014

Myla at 4 months

Ok, she's 4 and a half months now, but I finally finished this post... at least I did it before she turned 5 months!

Myla girl, you just keep getting sweeter and sweeter! Smiles from the minute you wake up until you're in bed for the night. More than once I've found my cheeks hurting because you make me smile so much. You bring us so much joy! A favorite new thing that you do is when you start eating and get a few swallows down, you pause, give me the biggest open-mouthed smile, and then go right back to eating. Heart melter...

Your personality is really starting to come out! You are starting to have opinions and know how to get attention. I'm pretty sure you've even 'fake cried" a few times just so we would come over and see how you were doing. You can be pretty independent, however, and can play with your toys by yourself for a little while before you start fussing for attention.

Your accomplishments this month include short little laughs, "razzing" conversations, great head control in the walker/bumbo, floating on your back at swim lessons (with mom and dad's help of course!), grabbing everything and putting it in your mouth, sleeping in your crib every night (instead of the car seat for reflux), putting all your weight on your legs with us helping you balance (you only have to hold onto our fingers), rolling over both ways, and splashing in the tub instead of just laying there, and saying GOODBYE TO REFLUX! That's right... you haven't had a reflux episode in over 2 weeks and we are thrilled!

You also smile all the time when we talk to you... and you don't just smile with your mouth - you smile with your eyes and your whole body. You get a big grin on your face, crinkle your eyes, and put your hands together by your face and... it's hard to explain. Hopefully I have a video of it somewhere :)

Your favorite toys to play with are Meg the mermaid and your pink ball. You also like your farm sing along toy and is getting some good use out of the jumper (although you haven't figured out the jumping part of the jumper yet...).

You are starting to single us out as your parents and get excited and so smiley whenever daddy comes home from school - he loves that!

You've also turned into a little human faucet. You have a constant, ample supply of saliva/spit-up coming out of your mouth. We even had to invest in some "drool bibs."

Sleeping through the night doesn't happen anymore for some reason. We usually get you to bed from around 7:30 to 8:30 and you sleep 4-5 hours and then are up every 3 after that until I get you up for the day around 7 or 8. I miss my sleep but I bet one day I'll miss the nighttime cuddles.

You survived your 4 month shots and weighed in at 13 lbs 11oz when you were 4 months + a week. 24 1/2 inches long.... and looking chunky (cute chunky, of course!) The doc said we could start you on some solids, but I think we'll wait at least one more month.

We love you Myla Bean!!

the queen of spit up....
swim lessons! 
bedtime stories with daddy

I love her expression (left)! She also got her first "scalp spa treatment" for cradle cap, and we visited dad at school a few times
She LOVES this mermaid (thanks Meg), looking at herself in the mirror

I just love this girl!

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