Thursday, March 20, 2014

Myla at 5 months

This month FLEW by. Practically broke the sound barrier, I think.

Myla bean,

You are so much fun! This month has been a whirlwind of watching you grow, seeing you continue to develop your sweet personality, and dealing with sickness. Yep, 2 bouts of sickness in one month... It really isn't fair! You had your first cold (along with dad and me) and you took it like a champ! Last week, however, you got the flu and it wasn't pretty. You were so tired of throwing up, having a fever, diarrhea, and a yucky cough. I finally took you to the doctor and she said we just have to wait it out and make sure you are hydrated! You liked pedialyte ok - as long as it was warm. Good thing you liked it, because from personal experience I think it's disgusting! I loved the extra cuddles. One of the nights you slept in my arms all night long because you just couldn't stay asleep in your crib or in the swing. Just in your diaper because you were warm, I got to snuggle you all night long. Despite almost no sleep for me, I wouldn't trade that night away! It took you 8 days to get over it, but now you're back to yourself :)

you can just tell she feels crappy :/ So glad she's all better now!
Anyway, enough about the sickness, let's talk about the rest of the month! You are doing great at swim lessons and the teacher says you are ready to go under water! Egads! I don't want to try it until daddy is there to watch, too. Quite exciting. You are now the oldest baby in the class and the teacher likes to use you as an example for the other babies.

You love to play with toys - especially toys that light up or make music. You've started bouncing around more in your jumparoo and it is just adorable! Daddy has been able to get you to laugh a few times, but you're still working on that social skill. Lots of smiles though!

You reach out with both of your hands when you want to touch or hold something. You love touching our faces and playing with/pulling my hair. You like it when we play with your feet and sing songs like "The Wheels on the Bus" or "Pat-a-Cake." You really like to touch our clothes. You always reach for my shirts and feel them, pull on them, and try to eat them. You also like sucking/chewing on your burp cloths and blankets.

You can almost sit up by yourself and you never want to lay on your back... you always flip over to your stomach (and then get frustrated after too long). If you had it your way, you'd always be standing. You'll even take some steps if we lean you forward. I think you might skip crawling all together and go straight to walking! You can stand while holding onto something (our hands or even the couch!). When you eat you like to help by trying to hold your bottle.

Spring break was LOTS of fun - it was so great to have daddy home for an entire week! We took you on 3 hikes in the baby bjorn and you (mostly) liked those. You also had your first trip to the zoo. You didn't really know what was going on, but you were very well behaved and enjoyed being out in the sunshine! You met one of my best friends and her cute little girl, Lizzie. We're hoping your roommates in college one day like we were :).

It has been a VERY fun month! We love you Myla girl!

Love, mom
Anyone else dying of cuteness?!


  1. Super cute pics! Myla bean is such a cute little lady!

  2. Love your post. Can hardly wait to see you guys next month!

  3. So dang cute Rach! And I love your hair by the way!


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