Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Myla at 6 months

I never posted this one! Never mind she'll be 7 months in a few days...

Sweet Myla,

I can't believe you've been out of my belly for half a year! Happy half birthday. You've changed so much lately and we are loving watching you grow. You get stronger every day and would rather be standing than anything else... you can get quite feisty until we pull you up to standing. You are also sitting all on your own now! Being the little curious girl you are, however, you tend to tip over when trying to explore something that's just out of arm's reach. Falling down doesn't faze you and you're always ready to try again.

We started you on some solid food this month! You had your first taste of oatmeal cereal on March 13th and you loved it! You're still trying to figure out how to taste it and swallow it without it getting out of your mouth though. You've also tried a bit of banana and avocado and liked both of those too. You make the cutest faces when you're eating and try something new! You couldn't figure out how to get the avocado off your tongue and down your throat so you just sat there with your mouth open and tongue sticking out.

You love to explore things with your hands... especially my face... especially while you are nursing. You like to try and stick your fingers in my mouth and just stare at me while you eat. It's pretty adorable.

We go to lots of activities during the week and you are getting more and more involved. We have Baby Rhyme and Playtime at the library on Tuesdays followed by lunch and institute with daddy. On Wednesdays you have swim lessons but those are going to end now that you are turning 6 months. Then on Fridays we have Music Makers at Midwestern.

You are still not sleeping through the night, but you are getting better. You consistently take 2-3 naps during the day and sleep from about 8:30 to 3ish, then you eat, and then you sleep again for a few more hours, eat again, etc...  Your daddy and I are thinking about starting some sleep training in the near future :).

We're going to New Mexico this month to visit your grandparents, auntie, and cousin - can't wait! Hopefully you're just as well behaved on the way there as you were on the way to Oklahoma :D

We love you so much, Myla girl!

picnic fiasco...
Myla and her friend, Cohen!

fresh out of the tub!


  1. We had an amazing time with you and Myla - come back please!!

    Love you!

  2. She is so adorable and you are beautiful. I love the bath time photos!

  3. such a sweet little lady! good work!


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