Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#12 - typical day in my life

12. Describe a typical day in your current life

Well, I have several different types of days. Work days, days off, and Sundays. They are all pretty different! I'll summarize the three of them:

Work Day: I get up at 5:15, get ready and leave by 5:50 for my hour commute to Salt Lake. I catch a shuttle to work, clock in, listen to a "safety briefing," get report from the nurse I'm relieving, and get working! My work consists of taking care of critically (and sometimes not so critically) ill infants. I do all sorts of things with them from assessing their health status to putting in IV's to bottle feeding to giving all sorts of medications. Oh, and cuddling the older ones of course! It's a great job. So, I do that for 12 hours and then I drive home for another hour and get home around 9. If I work the next day I go to bed as soon as possible so I can get up at 5 again. If not, I usually stay up and hang out with Brian for a while. If I work nights it's a similar story except that the sleeping is all mixed around. It does crazy things to my sleep/wake cycle, let me tell you!

Days Off: This is where I need to become more productive. I try and get up when Brian gets up to go to school and we have breakfast together. Then, he goes to school and I am left all alone! What I do with my time really depends on the day. Lately I've been reading a lot, trying to learn the guitar, painting, cleaning the house, cook, calling friends & family, exercising (mostly running, but I hiked the Y last week!), etc. I think I need some more structure though.

Sundays: I get up, I go to church and teach the 5-year olds in primary, come home and try to take a nap, make dinner with Brian, Skype with the fam :), sometimes hang out with friends, etc etc. Pretty exciting, huh?

In other news...

Brian was invited to sing in the choir for the groundbreaking of the Provo City Center Temple - for more info about that, see this article. It was pretty neat! I felt lucky to have a ticket because I guess they were pretty hard to come by. There are definite perks to having a husband who can sing :D. 

This balloon crew decided to pop in for the groundbreaking and made a very impressive (and loud) appearance as the ceremony got underway. It flew right over the top and they waved to us all in the audience. I guess if you couldn't get a ticket, that's one solution!
Work is still going really well! I had 3 night shifts in a row this past week that nearly killed me, but I survived (hey, hey!). I am just looking forward to my trip in a few weeks to New Mexico! I really really wish Brian could come, but he has to go to school and study for the DAT :/. I make myself feel better by telling myself that it will be better that I'm gone because he'll have more time to study! Right? Right. For FHE last night, Brian and I started making plans for a trip of our own. We are planning on going to the most beautiful place in the whole world - San Diego (disclaimer: I have a feeling there are more beautiful places in Europe or maybe New Zealand, but for the states, this is a great place!). We are going to go visit some areas/people from my mission, hit up some amusement parks, hopefully see some relatives, and hang out at the beach! I seriously can't wait. By then all of this dental application crap will be over and done... except for the excruciating waiting part. Ek. Pray for us!

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  1. I saw Brain (from TV) singing in the choir! Way cool!


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